Terms and Conditions

  • Students must keep TU Delft informed of the outcome of other grant applications. TU Delft has the right to withdraw the Holland Scholarship  or to demand (partial or whole) repayment of sums already paid, in case an external grant is awarded to the student
  • You must register your study abroad contact details in MyTUDelft (at least 14 days before departure) by which you are automatically awarded free-of-charge TU Delft travel insurance. 
  • You are to refrain from engaging in any political and/or commercial activities during your time abroad that could damage the reputation of TU Delft
  • You are expected to cooperate with TU Delft on publicity regarding the Holland Scholarship. This may include publishing your name, grant award and the final report on the TU Delft website, meeting with other students to exchange experiences and informing students at partner universities about studying at TU Delft
  • Students participating in joint programmes with foreign universities are not eligible for the Holland Scholarship

Early Termination

  • The student must inform the Education Service Centre immediately if the period of study/internship/research for which a grant has been awarded cannot commence or is prematurely terminated, or if the student is unable to complete the entire programme or wishes to amend the programme for any reason whatsoever. The Education Service Centre will then decide on continuation, withdrawal or amendment of the grant.