Internship Abroad

There are different types of organisations where you can do an internship abroad. You may prefer a multinational or a local medium-sized or small company, or perhaps a non-profit organisation, government body or university. Decide what aspects of an internship are important to you and which are less so.

For a current overview of available internship places, have a talk with the internship office of your faculty. You can find other information for internship searches and other useful tips at the Career Centre.

Organisations that can help you find an international internship are AIESEC and IAESTE. AIESEC is a worldwide organisation with a large international netwerks run by students and offers professional internships and volunteer projects. IAESTE is a worldwide network that offers you paid technical internships abroad, they also facilitate support with things like housing and documentation.

Research Abroad

Looking for a challenging research project abroad? Make sure to contact your faculty international office for all the necessary details. There are also organisations that can help you find research projects:

IRP Delft

IRPdelft is a foundation which provides you with a challenging international and educational experience, while offering companies a professional and multidisciplinary research team to tackle their research proposal. In the past few years IRPdelft executed market research, feasibility studies and preliminary surveys in the civil, offshore, fast moving consumer goods and (renewable) energy sectors. These projects were carried out in (South) East Asia, Argentina & Brazil, India and many more exciting areas over the past years.

Are you an ambitious student and ready to experience a more than interesting summer while doing an internship abroad? Do you understand and read Dutch, are you fluent in English, a Master student before February 2015 and do you feel attracted by the description above? Stay in touch with us to get ready for our selection process which will start in October 2014.