How many places are there available?

Every participating university can send in about 10 students. That means that in total around 80 students will be participating, coming from the 8 different universities. The TU Delft is the only Dutch university participating.

Is the travel funded?

You will receive a contribution of €1000 to cover your travel costs for the Joint Modules.

Can I apply for Erasmus funding in addition to UNITECH?

Yes, you can apply for Erasmus funding when you go to the other Academic partners for the Academic exchange.

Do I get paid for the internship?

A salary will be paid by the employing company and this will cover living expenses at a minimum.

Do I earn an additional qualification?

On successful completion you will receive a UNITECH Diploma, in addition to a TU Delft Engineering diploma.

Will this make a difference after graduation?

You may then become a Fellow of the UNITECH International Society and join the Alumni Association which provides a lifelong international network of contacts in academia and industry.

How do I apply and find out more?

The UNITECH Alumni Association Local Chapter Coordinators (UAA LCCs) for Delft can answer questions on their experiences and connect you with other alumni who have studied within your faculty.