'Managing energy, focus and resilience in difficult times' 

16 November 16:00 - 17:00

How do you keep your energy batteries charged, a healthy work-life balance and focus on the things you want to achieve during and after this corona era?  

 The three major themes within mental resilience will be discussed: 

  1. Performing under pressure (e.g. work pressure)
  2. Dealing with change, disappointment & adversity 
  3. Perseverance and behavioural change 

From these concepts, Michael makes the connection to happiness at university, (personal) leadership and team performance.  

 Michael Kortekaas, one of the hunters from the TV program 'Hunted' has a lot of experience, advice and answers to the questions asked. He has been inspiring and coaching people, teams and organisations for years on energy, fitness, vitality, leadership and mental resilience. 
Come join us at X for an inspirational evening! The whole evening will be in English and there will be a possibility to ask questions at the end. 

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