Read here why and how we aim to do that...
TU Delft engineers have an impressive expertise in several engineering disciplines...
Engineers feel confident tackling problems within their discipline. However, current societal challenges are interconnected and demand them to cross boundaries.
Furhermore, next to engineering a solution, engineers should be able to address their (un)intended impact on societal challenges.
So then, how can we forge future generations of engineers that are capable of dealing with the complexity of what future decades might bring?
By training future generations of TU Delft engineers to become Reflective Engineers.
Your personal perspective influences all areas (thoughts, actions & behavior). Therefore, we need to make reflection a core competency of future generations of engineers.
There is no magic formula to teach students how to reflect. It is a process. You learn by doing and experiencing.
The Reflective Engineer program is on a mission to embed reflection in our engineer's education, so that they develop it as an essential part of their core skills.
We do that by focusing on (finding) a shared ambition and ownership trhough co-creation, in order to grow viable, relevant and long-lasting education innovations.
For example, the development and implementations of tools to be implemented in a lecture, a course, in a class, in a program, ...
... or training staff to materialize their reflective ambitions.
We are a multi-disciplinary team united by the same purpose: Spotlight, foster and embed reflection in our community.
Let's co-create! Get in touch to explore how to move forward with your reflective ambitions, skills and challenges.
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