1628 - PHP Developers Cloud Platform

The company

This small start-up company is about to make a big change in the credit industry: building a platform where single transactions can be insured against non-payment. This is called Trade Credit Insurance and is a risk management product offered by insurance companies that protect a loss due to credit risks. Many variations of credit insurance have evolved ranging from coverage that can be cancelled or reduced, to coverage that cannot be cancelled or reduced by the insurer during the policy period.

The major impact that this platform is about to make: removing the middleman and connecting insurance companies directly with the end user.

The job

Under the guidance of an experienced IT professional you will be responsible for building and implementing an online Trade Credit Platform where international customers meet international credit insurance companies. This platform will be built using Google Cloud Services.

Some typical modules/technologies that you will be developing and implementing are:

  • A log-in environment
  • Upload and download of documents
  • Sending notifications via an app and/or email

Performing secure financial transactionsPrivacy issues such as external GDPR audits are aspects to keep in mind during development. All this has to be done in a safe and protected environment without compromising the ease of use and flexibility.

The plan is to build a proof of concept for selected clients. After an evaluation period of about six months in the Netherlands and the UK, the platform is ready for world-wide use. Development of this platform will be done in an agile environment, meaning you’ll be working in sprints of several weeks in which you work up to several implementations in a short time span.

This job allows you to work with technologies such as:

  • Google Cloud Platform (scalable, pay per use)
  • Loosely coupled systems (APIs, future proof)
  • Storage of events/data for later Artificial Intelligence
  • Future technology ready technologies (e.g. Blockchain)

Due to its start-up nature, this company currently has no office yet. This means you start by working from home and when needed you organise face to face meetings. They intend to move into an office when the company is more settled.

Job requirements

  • TU with knowledge of PHP
  • Able to work independently
  • Entrepreneurship, sense of responsibility and commitment
  • Fluent in English, both spoken and written


Non-EU engineers graduated in the Netherlands are also welcome to apply.

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