1662 - (junior) Java(script) Developer (update)

The company

This small company in Zuid-Holland is ambitious. They currently have seven employees and are growing steadily. Next to expanding the team, they are also looking for a bigger office to move into.

They have developed a framework with a focus on modular software, using an in-house developed framework. Due to this modular approach, and a variety of modules already being available, it is possible to rapidly develop software (on demand) and at a reasonable price.

Some advantages include:

  • Only the top of the iceberg has to be developed for a certain customer, reducing development time and costs.
  • Reusing modules means using already tested software which has proven itself in live environments.
  • It is easy to add modules, or replace certain modules with upgrades, without much impact on the rest of the system.

Many organizations get started with systems integration and workflow automation by building software from scratch, for example by hard-coding a process. These systems often become hard to maintain, offering limited scalability and requiring developers to reinvent the wheel.

The job

From the first day, you are involved in on-going projects, mainly in the industry of Energy Suppliers. Projects range from connecting CRM software with billing software to researching the possibilities for adding Time Series Databases and Hadoop. You will be guided by enthusiastic and ambitious colleagues who love challenges and keep pace with the current technology.

Having some knowledge of different techniques used in software engineering (gained through hobby, studies, internship) is important. If you can show you have experience in software engineering that would be a big advantage. You will use a wide range of techniques, such as Java, C# and Javascript. They also make use of Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN), ElasticSearch and CI/CD pipelines.

While working for the client, you keep an eye out for new opportunities. You look beyond the projects you work on and look for ways to improve client satisfaction. You know how to get the client enthusiastic for your ideas.

The ability to pick the right tool for the job, even if it is new to you, is what truly is important. In case if you need additional training, the company will support you! It is up to you to figure out which training you need.

In this job you can make a difference and act on your own input. With your colleagues you work three days per week in the office and other days at the client’s location. Projects are mainly in the Randstad area.

If you like learning on the job and are not afraid to fail and start over every now and then, you are the right person for this job!is job!

Job requirements

  • TU, discipline Applied Physics, Computer Science, Aerospace, Mechanical Engineering or similar
  • Knowledge of software development, gained during hobby, study, internship, etc.
  • Enthusiastic about learning new technologies
  • A self-starter and not afraid to dive into the unknown
  • Fluent English, both spoken and written
  • Knowledge of the Dutch language is an advantage


Highly skilled migrants and EU-citizens are welcome to apply.


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