Five billion people do not have access to safe and affordable surgery, leading to high rates of preventable disability and mortality.

Our goal is to improve global access to surgery through development of safe and affordable surgical devices. 

The Surgery for all program consists of various PhD- and research projects, focusing on devices for both open and keyhole surgery. Our group has a longstanding experience in developing advanced surgical instruments and we are expanding on that knowledge to create devices for low-resource regions.

The Surgery for all program was kicked off in 2016 with the design of an electrosurgical unit, an essential tool that allows surgeons to cut through tissue and stop bleeding at the same time. The project range has gradually expanded and now includes development of a videolaryngoscope, a clip applier and other surgical tools as well as ongoing internships in Kenya, Surinam and Nepal.

Surgery for all is part of Healthcare for all, a program of TU Delft | Global Initiative.

Prof. Jenny Dankelman

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