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Are you interested in sustainability and do you want to make a difference? There are multiple ways you can join us in making our campus more sustainable! Here you can read a bit more about our community. Still have some questions? Do not hesitate to contact us!


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In 2018 the Green Office started off with the first committees in its history! A diverse group of enthusiastic students with various interests and ambitions, striving together to achieve sustainability on the TU Delft campus.

Research committee

We strive to actively engage in research in the field of sustainability within and beyond the TU Delft campus, creating a pathway for students and staffs to collaborate interactively. Our aim is to create potential projects and events focusing on different topics of sustainability, giving birth to innovative solutions and measures to bolster a greener tomorrow. Keep an eye out for our upcoming series on sustainable fashion, a topic the youth of today has yet a lot to explore. 

Mirthe Strijker
Nikki Nicolai
Rudri Mankad
Saraf Nawar

Project committees


This project will spend the coming year working on reducing the meat consumption of the university through looking at its catering in restaurants as well as for events. We'll try to use promotion, nudging and policy at the university to help improve awareness and informed decision making.

Alexandra Rijnink
Ashwini Suresh
Kirsten van Lienden
Laura van Poppel


This committee has been active for a while now and aims to reduce foodwaste by hosting monthly zero waste events. We collect food from supermarkets that would have been disposed but is still good to eat and prepare it together in a community dinner that is free and open to everyone.

For more information visit the Foodsharing Delft Facebook page or follow them on Instagram!

Megan Atkins
Katharina Freiin von Stackelberg
Lea Hartmeye
Wen Ying (Ingrid) Chang


This committee is our newest and will look at the university's procurement policies and practices to explore how we can improve the sustainability of our purchases. The aim is not only to look at the impact of production, but also see how the products are used and disposed to reduce the environmental impacts of the products once it becomes waste.

Anda Filipovic
Dheebak O B
Ryan Kap
Willemijn van Wijk

Events committee

Our main goal is to reach out to the students and staff of TU Delft with the intention of raising awareness and promoting sustainable behaviour. The committee is striving to achieve these goals through various activities and platforms by offline and online promotion and event organization. For this semester, our main objectives are to increase the visibility of the Green Office among Bachelors students and the launch of a promotion campaign.

Dino Mocking
Mark Bunse
Kim Chieuw
Umayer Hussain


Since 2018 the Green Office has been working closely with existing committees working on the integration of sustainability in the operations and education at their own faculty. Furthermore, the Green Office Board is working together with the central student council to set up similar committees at other faculties of the TU Delft.

We believe that the Green Office can take on the role of an umbrella organization and create a network for these faculty specific decentralized Green Offices. As many of these student groups encounter similar challenges during their operation, by means of connecting them and creating a common platform the knowledge obtained at one faculty can be shared with the others more effectively. Through these efforts we intend to make comprehensive knowledge regarding sustainability more accessible for students and staff.


Green-mE is a student initiative at the faculty of 3mE who work on the integration of sustainability in the education. The initiative was set up in 2016. Two years later, Green-mE has managed to make sustainability a mandatory part of the projects in the first year of the mechanical engineering bachelor.

In order to help the students in making their designs more sustainable Green-mE has written a "Sustainable mechanical engineering guide". This guide contains 7 different tools and methods which the students can use to improve and evaluate their designs with regard to sustainability. In November 2018, Green-mE gave a lecture to clarify the assignment and to elaborate on the guide. At the end of the lecture they conducted a survey, which was filled out by 116 students. 74% of the students wanted the lecture to continue to be part of the course next year.
The Green Office has played an active role in the achievements of Green-mE. We hope to continue to help Green-mE in their efforts to transform the education at their faculty.


BKGreen is a student initiative at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. Since the summer of 2018, staff members and students have joined forces in order to achieve more attention and care for sustainability at the faculty. The team not only focuses on the building's energy use and waste flows but also on education and awareness. Feel free to contact us at!