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IIf you have any questions, ideas for new campus projects or initiatives you want to collaborate on, do not hesistate to contact us! You can always e-mail us on and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Green Office TU Delft

Van den Broekweg 2
2628 CS Delft

Green Office Team

The Green Office consists of a board of four students and three employees.

Tom Millross - Chairperson Student Board

Tom's bio

Hi everyone, you can contact me for anything related to sustainability ideas and strategy, at Delft or beyond. I like to focus on education and large scale societal transition, but you’ll also frequently find me at various societies, the Bouwpub, or classes run by our lovely neighbours, S&C :)

I serve as the network coordinator & Educom representative for the study association of Industrial Ecology and help to teach Python in Leiden. Prior to moving to the Netherlands, I was a database developer and business intelligence consultant in London. My first degree was in Systems Engineering.

Our university has a documented set of core values, including: “All at TU Delft should act with a sense of social responsibility and be aware of technology’s value to and impact upon society [... we] stand for honest staff and students who think and act in an open manner, who demonstrably put the interests of science and society before their own personal and private advantage, who interact critically and constructively and who are not afraid to challenge unacceptable behaviour”. As Chair of the Green Office, I aspire to support and reinforce those that embody these values.

I’ve loved working with our new team so far, and have much excitement for the year ahead! Remember, if you do nothing, nothing will happen. Get involved and let’s make this one to remember!

Kyra Ruiten – Projects Officer

Kyra's bio

Hi everybody!

I study Industrial Ecology, like my GO colleagues James and Tom. My first steps into the wonderful world of sustainability were at Wageningen University, studying International Development. After finishing my bachelors I decided to obtain a new perspective on things, and that’s when I came to Delft.

I am really excited for the year we have ahead of us as a Green Office team. TU Delft has a lot of potential to develop in a more sustainable way, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. We notice that within the university environment there is a growing awareness of issues around sustainability and an interest to engage in an active way. I think the Green Office can play an important role this, as we have loads of interesting events and projects lined up for you. If you want to contribute or participate in any way, don’t hesitate to contact us! I’m looking forward to meeting you all soon!

James Murray – Secretary

James' bio

Howzit! Like my GO colleagues Tom and Kyra, I study Industrial Ecology. I come from South Africa, and have a background in civil engineering and construction. I am a nature enthusiast; any time outdoors exploring and learning about plants and animals is time well spent in my books. I am famous amongst my peers for a documentary I made on the omnipresent underappreciated symbiotic organism: the mighty lichen. My interests in sustainability are rooted in preserving the beauty of the natural world. I feel privileged and excited to be a part of the GO team at TU Delft, where we’ve the potential to contribute towards this.

I keep a careful eye over our Green Office mails, so please don’t hesitate to contact us (you’ll see all of the necessary details at the bottom of this page) if you’ve any ideas you’d like to share, questions about sustainability at the university, or if you’d like to get involved in any of our projects.

Keep an eye out for events and projects we’ll be arranging this year; I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Charlotte Braat – Communication & Events

Charlotte's bio

Hi everyone! As the only board member who studied in Delft from the beginning, I already have some experience with the TUD organisation. I’m currently finishing my bachelor Civil Engineering and have been involved in improving education and advising on policies. Next year, I will probably start with the master Environmental Engineering here in Delft. I also really enjoy attending extracurricular events (like those from Studium Generale) and seek to enjoy nature as often as possible.

I try to be sustainably conscious and practice what I preach. I believe that positive, sustainable change begins with awareness of the consequences of your behaviour. I also believe that education plays a major role in learning how to continuously critically reflect on your knowledge. One of my responsibilities this year is to keep you posted on any sustainable developments and opportunities within Delft via Facebook, LinkedIn, our newsletter and the website. So be prepared for some green spam in your feed as I’m really eager to improve my communication skills!  

Chris Hellinga - Chairperson Green Office

Chris' bio

As chairman of the Green Office – an official department of the TU Delft -  I am especially proud to be  able to work with our talented student and staff members, that are highly motivated for sustainable development. In Delft, we have seen, among other things, great progress in speeding up sustainable campus development and to connect this to research and education, which requires intensive collaboration of the Green Office with the Facility Management & Real Estate department. And more generally, it is heart-warming to see the growing awareness among staff and students for sustainable development as a key driving force in our preparedness for the future.

My personal expertise is sustainable energy, which matches well with some of  the key tracks we are working on. But, with a long TU Delft history, my network covers all faculties and support departments within the university. Staff, students with ideas for new initiatives or involvement, are most welcome to contact me!

Leendert Verhoef

Leendert's bio

As Sustainability Innovation Program Developer at the Green Office I help connect campus development to students and researchers. To use it as a test and display ground for multi-disciplinary system integration, sustainability and circularity: campus as living lab. We have such a big terrain, so many buildings, wouldn’t it be valuable to use that terrain and those buildings to help us develop, test and demonstrate the technologies and implementation of sustainable solutions? Do you have ideas, or do you want to discuss opportunities and possibilities to apply your research questions or inventions into the buildings? I’ll be glad to engage in that discussion, and help furthering those ideas and engage in cross-disciplinary projects and programmes.

In the past 30 years I have initiated and managed large  sustainable related innovation projects, liaised with municipalities in national and international context, gave seminars and trainings and published about them in books, see ‘Energy from the Desert’, and ‘SunCities, Reflections’ and ‘ Our Car as Power Plant’.

Luuk Graamans

Luuk's bio

Within the TU Delft Green Office I am responsible for the sustainable development of our university’s campus. The TU Delft is leading in the world with respect to architecture and building energy and we strive to apply this knowledge in our own campus. The latest developments in building engineering, sustainability and circularity are applied to lower the climate footprint of our entire campus. The University Board, the Green Office and the Facility Management & Real Estate department all strongly believe that sustainable surroundings can inspire the engineers of the future. If you have any ideas, views or questions pertaining to the sustainability of your campus, please let us know!

My personal expertise is building engineering, with a strong focus on climate design and sustainability. The integration of our own research in our own campus has been an amazing challenge to work on for the past year.