TU Delft educates more than 20.000 students each year and is ranked highly in different international rankings. In 2016, the UI GreenMetric World University Ranking ranked TU Delft 2nd place worldwide in sustainable education. But by 2017, Delft had dropped to 31st, showing the volatility and inconsistency of the methodology and data used for this category. The recent TU Delft Vision on Education states that the expectations regarding graduates are constantly evolving in line with technological and social developments. Furthermore, major social and economic challenges, like the UN Sustainable Development Goals, require innovative technological solutions and cross-disciplinary collaboration.

The demand for multidisciplinary, socially responsible and sustainability-minded engineers is growing continuously. But the TU Delft doesn’t only have the responsibility to educate and help develop the students and staff here. By conducting inspiring research and collaborating within and outside of campus, Delft also contributes to educating and inspiring society.