Career Committee

Our Goal

The Career committee originated from a need to help students that had the “Why” but lacked the “How”: students passionate about working in sustainability but who do not know how to go about this in a practical sense.

This committee aims to connect these young engineers and entrepreneurs with companies, dream teams and initiatives, where they can fully realize their aspirations.

There are several faucets in which the committee aims to achieve this goal:

  • Boosting motivation in students to want to pursue a career more fitting in a sustainable future,
  • Raising awareness about the endless opportunities available for students,
  • Doing so with a sense of inclusivity, making students of all backgrounds, studies, and specific ambitions feel like they can fully realize their goals.

The committee is already underway with planning events, initiatives and campaigns to realize this vision.

Committee Members

Our team is composed of 4 young and driven students from the TU Delft as well as one board representative from the GreenTU, Tamar.

Lyana (President)
Hi, I am Lyana and I was born in Indonesia, but I grew up in the Netherlands. I am currently in my third year of Electrical Engineering. Besides that, I am part of the Embedded Systems department as a part timer in the student team Forze VIII, where we are working on a hydrogen racing car. In my free time, I like to make music, play guitar and sing. I also enjoy nature walks and quality time with friends and drinks!
Anne (Event Logistics)
Hi, I’m Anne and I’m studying Civil Engineering. The way I contribute to a green environment is with my startup, and trying to reduce food waste in restaurants. I like popping champagne bottles, halloumi cheese and ligretto.

Shehab (Career Logistics)
Hey! Shehab here! Egyptian in Delft :) studying Construction Management with a background in Civil Engineering. On a more personal note, I value spending quality time with friends whenever I get the chance. Also, running along the canals gives me peace and clarity at the end of the day.

Marissa (Marketing)
Hi! I’m Marissa, originally from New Zealand but currently in the middle of my Bsc Nanobiology. My favourite pastry is the croissant (some days, however, I’m in more of a baguette mood) and I’m passionate about working towards a more sustainable future.