Past events


Day of Sustainability Symposium 2019: (9th October 2019)

Since 2018 GreenTU Delft organises once a year a large sustainability themed symposium. On the 9th of October 2019, GreenTU held the second edition of the Day of Sustainability symposium, in collaboration with other sustainability student organisations. Together with Energy Club, Students4Sustainability, Dispuut Water & Environment, Delft SEA, IESA Shift, Lijst Béta and Centre for Sustainability, GreenTU Delft gathered guest speakers from various sustainability themed companies to give lectures and workshops. In this edition, we had one keynote speaker, four lectures and five workshops. Our keynote speaker was Sybren Bosch from Copper8 who shared his vision about sustainable development. After the keynote, participants could attend their chosen lectures and workshops. The symposium was a great success which has over 120 participants and GreenTU will continue organising the Day of Sustainability symposium in 2020.

Secret Santa on Campus (16th December 2019):

Christmas is for many ‘the most wonderful time of the year’, but not everyone is aware of the impact this festivity can have on the environment: gifting each other with many (sometimes unwanted) gifts, lighting up our homes and streets, and preparing incredible dinners. All those choices turn up to be mostly unsustainable, and we discussed potential solutions to tackle the problem. Together with ISA Delft and LDE Centre for Sustainability, we organized 'Secret Santa on Campus' event where we proposed an eye-opening speech how to make Christmas more sustainable, and we promoted a game idea to make a gift sharing entirely made by unwanted items, thus giving useful practical examples on how to make Christmas more sustainable.

Schools & Satellites (19th December 2019):

Together with TUDelft’s Library we organized lunch lecture & workshop ‘School and Satellites’. The project Schools and Satellites (SaS) helps to better quantify and understand rainfall patterns in Ghana, West Africa. Understanding rainfall patterns is critical for water management and students had the opportunity to get to know how the machine learning algorithm used in this project could help perfectioning rainfall estimations in Ghana. After that, participants could build their own rain gauges, following the model that is used for Schools & Satellites project itself. 

Networking Drinks (10th january 2019) :

To start the year we decided to have a general meeting with all the study associations, student initiatives and student councils present at TUDelft. In this occasion we had the opportunity to present our Vision and Mission of the year, reaching out potential collaborators for our final objective: making TUDelft campus more sustainable. The outcome of the event was great, we reached around 80 participants and established contact for future collaborations with many of the presents. 

Zero Waste Challenge 2020: ( week of 10th May)

Due to recent developments regarding Coronavirus, GreenTU has decided to provide students and employees the possibility of still enjoying interesting initiatives, by moving the events online. In particular we organized the Zero Waste Challenge 2020 in collaboration with Energy Club and LDE Centre for sustainability students. For the occasion we created a website, where participants could access daily challenges, daily quizzes organized for gaining knowledge about the topic of waste production, and a lecture about how waste can be turned into energy. Participants could enter their results, check the statistics and find useful comments and suggestions of other participants in the Forums. Moreover a map of Delft and Rotterdam was created, reporting all places where to buy more zero-waste-friendly.


Mini Sustainability Festival: GET WASTED (28th March 2019)

When life gives you waste products… Turn them into delicious food or thirst-quenching beer, swap them out for something better, feed them to the worms or make them your Ph.D. research topic. Whatever you do: reducing, reusing and repurposing waste starts with you and it can actually be pretty fun. Here students were shown how to deal with waste in all its shapes through workshops and lectures. Moreover, we hosted a quiz with a giveaway in the form of a zero waste hygiene kit

sustainabilityArt Opening (25th april 2019)

Back in September 2018, almost 8 months earlier the Green Office started a collaboration with the artists of Pulchri Studio and Amstelland Kunst. After various workshops and student-artist meetings it is finally time to show the result of this exciting cooperation. Our mini exhibition in the library will display 17 artworks of which 5 were made in close collaboration with students from the TU Delft.

Energy Transition Debate (30th april 2019)

Now more than ever the debate about the Energy Transition is receiving attention. Why do we need it? Who is doing what? What can Europe do to enhance it? Speakers from academics, business, politics, media and society will share their perspectives. Not only they debated amongst each other, but time was reserved each round for participants to ask them questions. The debate had three rounds, with each three statements and was guided by a professional moderator.

Extinction Rebellion Lunch Lecture (16th May 2019)

The goal of the Extinction Rebellion Talk was to explain the ecological emergency we are in and to empower people to do something about it in a meaningful way. The Talk consisted of two parts. The first and more technical one provides a scientific overview of the climate situation by contrasting recently published studies. The second part of The Talk covered the theory of change, and the explanation of what extinction rebellion is, with an insight into its goals and strategy. At the end of The Talk, audience members were invited to think practically about what they can contribute to make these changes happen and to give  input into community based organizing.

Workshop by Jan-Henk Wellink(22nd may 2019)

The separate transportation of discarded electric and electronic devices often takes a lot of time and effort. In this workshop participants learnt how to take on this problem in a smarter and profitable manner. The workshop did not only touch upon the financial value of old electronics, but also upon the contribution to social and ecological values.This workshop was organized as a part of the BusiSource project of the European program “European Innovation and Technology Raw Materials (EIT)”. The program has been set up to make Europe more resistant to material shortages and to make a significant contribution to the competitiveness of the European employment.

Green Student Bootcamp Challenge (7th june 2019)

The Green Student Bootcamp Challenge came to Delft on Friday June 7th! Participants got to know more about Nature-Inspired Design Innovation including some exciting innovations from TU Delft staff and students.The session included: Interactive workshop by Biomimicry Nederlands, lecture by Dr. Ingrid de Pauw (nature-inspired design and its applications), interactive lecture by Dr. Bertus Beaumont on how biological principles can be applied to achieve green technological solutions. 

Networking Drinks (28.02.2019)
How to organize sustainability on campus? The ultimate question we ask and seek to answer every day here at the Green Office. In order to get some new ideas and gain feedback on our work, we invited study associations, student initiatives and student councils and asked them to share their experience with us. We had some really interesting conversations and gained a lot of valuable feedback and tips thanks to the lively discussion!

Opening Drinks (27.09.2018)
We were pleasantly surprised at the response in our opening evening last week! Students from various faculties showed up to know more about us and our goals. We were taken aback by their shared vision in acting towards a sustainable campus. We are looking forward to take off with these #greenhearts in the form of committees. Stay tuned to know more about our committees, meanwhile write to us to know more!

Sustainable Fashion Museum Visit (23.02.2019)
We organized a visit to Fashion for Good museum in Amsterdam with our committees to experience the importance of sustainable fashion. Being the world's first museum on sustainable fashion innovation, we learnt right from the history to sustainable innovations in the global fashion industry. It covered different facets of the industry where several brands from across the world showcased their unique products in an interactive manner. Moreover, the museum building itself is an embodiment of sustainability in terms of materials used that captures the true essence of innovation.
The entry to the museum is free, to know more about the museum, check out their website.

SustainAbility Art Exhibition Opening (09.02.2019)
You have probably already heard a lot about our collaboration with the artists of Pulchri Studio. Finally, the long-awaited Opening took place on the 9th February. It was really interesting to see so many different perspectives and views, different approaches to the often vague and abstract topic of sustainability. If you missed it in The Hague, don't worry, the whole exhibition will travel to Amsterdam soon and open on the 10th March for visitors.

De Delftse Bedrijvendagen (19.02.2019)
The Events Commitee visited the De Delftse Bedrijvendagen in order to expand our network with companies prominent in the field of sustainability. We had some really promising discussions with the representatives of Philips and Engie for instance, but also talked to some inspiring startups like Circularise, who were all really open and enthusiastic about the possibility of collaborating with the Green Office. Stay tuned, more information will follow!

Committee kick-off (19.12.2018)
After the recruiting process in November the teams have been formed and we gathered right before the Christmas holidays for some beers and a nice dinner to get to know each other a bit. We already have a bunch of exciting projects and events in mind with this diverse team full of sustainable ambitions for the new year.

Technology meets Art Workshop 2.0 (13.12.2018)
The perfect opportunity to take a break from your academic routine, our collaboration with the artists continued in December! We hosted the second round of the inspirational brainstorming sessions in the TU Delft Central Library.

The artists of Pulchri visited us again to seek inspiration from young minds on topics of sustainability for an upcoming exhibition. Furthermore, students and artists formed pairs during the event to keep in touch and continue working together on an artwork which will be displayed in the library later this spring.

Technology meets Art Workshop (26.10.2018)
In spite of the rain and the wind, on the 26th October almost 40 enthusiastic artists from the Pulchri Studio arrived at the Green Office to broaden their horizon of sustainability for an upcoming exhibition in The Hague and Amsterdam. After a tour in the Green Village we continued with some informative and thought-provoking presentations held by our Green Office board members Fay and Rick. We finished the afternoon with a brainstorming workshop, where students from the TU and artists could share their thoughts with each other.

In the end both students and artists left the room with much food for thought. It has been an amazingly interesting and inspiring afternoon and we are really looking forward to seeing the outcome of our collaboration in the form of some extraordinary artworks!

Day of Sustainability Symposium (10.10.2018)
10th October is the national Day of Sustainability initiated by Urgenda. On this day, organisations and companies all across the Netherlands organize entertaining and educational activities on sustainability. In the TU Delft, 8 sustainability-related student initiatives have joined forces to organize an informative, down to earth and fun symposium.

It was amazing to see how many students are taking interest in the topic of sustainability and are eager to learn about it. More than 130 participants joined us from various faculties! Not only the lectures and workshops were popular, but many of you stayed for the market and the networking drinks for some interesting discussions.


Green Network Drink (20-09-’17)

At the beginning of the academic year, we organised a green network drink for all green student initiatives in Delft. This way, everybody could meet the new boards and student teams and discuss goals and possible collaborations for the coming year.

Documentary Screening in collaboration with VOX Delft (25-10-’17)

Together with VOX Delft, we screened the documentary The Yes Men Fix The World and had a lively discussion afterwards on the topic of using comedy and pranks in (sustainability) activism.


Van Gansewinkel/Renewi excursion (17-11-’17)

We organised an excursion to the renewed Van Gansewinkel/Renewi waste treatment plant in Amsterdam where part of TU Delft waste is treated. We received an interesting lecture and a tour around the facilities and also a better understanding for the GO how our waste is treated.

The Campus as a Living Lab lunch lecture (11-01-’18)

Leendert Verhoef, employee of the GO, explained the concept of a Living Lab and how as a student or employee you can set one up yourself at our campus. More on Living Labs on campus can be found here.


LCA in Space Craft lunch lecture & workshop in collaboration with VSV (13-02-’18)

An employee of the European Space Agency and a British professor gave a lunch lecture on the current status of sustainability and LCA use in the spacecraft design process. Afterwards a workshop was organised, more in depth on the use of LCA.

World Water Day awareness action in collaboration with Changemaker Challenge (22-03-’18)

Handed out plastic (and real) soup in between the Aula and Library to students and employees to raise awareness on the plastic soup problem in our oceans. Promoted the Changemaker Challenge where students can win money for a water and sustainability related bachelor or master thesis. Some media attention was also created here.

Volunteering Activity & Dinner at Conscious Kitchen in collaboration with ESN Delft (29-03-’18)

We went with a group of Delft students to help volunteer at the Conscious Kitchen in The Hague. These volunteering activities included cooking, serving and cleaning up after the dinner. At the Conscious Kitchen, food that is otherwise thrown away is used to prepare a meal every Thursday and almost completely runs on volunteers. Around 15 students were present at this event.

Foodsharing event in collaboration with S&C and Conscious Kitchen (24-04-’18)

As part of reinvigorating the Delft Foodsharing group, a kick off event was organised in collaboration with S&C and the Conscious Kitchen. Around 10 students were present. More on the Foodsharing group at the Projects section of this document.

Milieudefensie College Tour: Corporate Accountability (17-05-’18)

Milieudefensie did a lunch lecture in Delft as part of their College Tour, which is again part of their Fair Future program. This lecture on their court case against Shell and how you can influence big corporations as ‘mere citizens’ was visited by 40 students.

Offshore Wind Farm excursion in collaboration with Delft SEA and Energy Club (25-05-’18)

The Green Office led the organisation of a big Offshore Wind Farm excursion visiting the Luchterduinen offshore windpark where TU Delft gets a big part of their energy from. 4 speakers and some 60 students (due to capacity of the boat; event was sold out in 5 minutes) joined this excursion.

Tegenlicht Meetup ‘Struggle for a Sustainable Lifestyle’ in collaboration with Lijm & Cultuur and Studium Generale (30-05-’18)

An open discussion joined by a panel of 3 experts and guided by the Tegenlicht episode ‘Worsteling van de Groenmens’ was organized. Non-technical topics that are less discussed in Delft like personal lifestyle changes and the struggles that come with that were discussed. Around 20 students and Delft citizens were present at this event.

E-waste Arcade at the International Festival of Technology (06-06-’18)

The Green Office featured the E-waste Arcade as part of the IFoT program. Students, employees and festival visitors could recycle their old phones here. This way, less precious metals have to be mined from environment and social damaging mines. The E-waste Arcade is completely made from (e-)waste materials and displays a nice circular economy example in a fun way. We provided background information on E-waste for interested visitors and promoted the Green Office to a wide audience.


Day of sustainability 2016

Are you also tired of hearing our world is heading for a disaster without finding any real solutions? We, as the Green Office, believe that there is still a lot that can be done, and that we as engineers-to-be are the ones that can make a change. Therefore we want to inspire you by sharing two short documentaries about developments that take place on a global level and impact the world greatly in a positive way. This documentary night is the first of a series of events around the theme 'Earth Insurance', which explores the need of insuring our planet and the ways in which this can be done

Join us the 11th of October at i.d-Kafee, to get inspired, enjoy free drinks & snacks and learn more about our projects!

Tuesday | 17:00-20:30 | i.d-Kafee | €0,-

Find more info and sign up at the Facebook event


Day of sustainability 2015

Last year’s event was a great success with the inspiring speaker Maurits Groen, #2 in the Top 100 most sustainable entrepreneurs in the Netherlands, founder of a.o. WakaWaka light & GroeneGrachten. People could also find out about the problems the TU Delft  is facing and meet the people tasked with trying to solve them. Lastly, we very much enjoyed the drinks and eco-friendly snacks at the Green Bazaar, and the music by Florian Wolff.

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