We, GreenTU, believe that universities not only can be – but ought to be – innovators and inspiring examples to lead society in making our world more sustainable. We trust in students’ willingness and ability to affect change and contend they should therefore have the opportunity to do so.

As a mediating platform between the TU Delft and its students, we strive to involve and connect students to actively contribute towards a sustainable campus.

By supporting existing initiatives in their activities, setting up new innovation projects, providing information on sustainable education and organizing events, we connect students with staff and other stakeholders.

For the year 2019-2020 GreenTU Delft’s Board decided to put as objectives the attainment of a more permeating presence in the university as well as more visibility for making our actions more effective. Indeed, we are joining forces with professors in reaching the aim of making sustainability more integrated into every study plan. We are collaborating with campus’ stakeholders in solving the problems related to food, waste and mobility on campus, and we are in constant contact with other student associations to raise awareness about sustainability issues among students, through the organization of events, workshops and excursions related to the theme.

As TU Delft has the societal responsibility to educate the engineers of the future, and sustainability is becoming a topic of every-day life in many academic and working contexts, we believe that all students need to have:

  • The same basic grammar concerning sustainability
  • Possibilities to explore sustainability in their academic life
  • Possibilities to become experts on sustainability-related topics

For reaching this goal, we are in contact with faculty student councils, study associations and interested students to:

  • create awareness about current options present in the already existing courses and programs
  • better integrate sustainability into education in a meaningful way for each program and on each level
  • make it accessible both for students and teachers to integrate sustainability into their education

We, GreenTU, believe that TU Delft should set an example for the rest of society and showcase the knowledge we have on campus to students and professors, and to the rest of the world. Therefore, we will aim at:

  • Creating awareness about the impact personal choices can have even on the big-scale system of TUDelft Campus.
  • Collaborating in reaching the objective of making TUDelft CO2 neutral by the year 2030.
  • Using compensation as the last resort and for the bare minimum, when tackling carbon footprint emissions problems.

Events for GreenTU Delft mean collaboration and engagement: reaching out more student initiatives with whom to collaborate, and involving more students to spread awareness about what is going on on Campus concerning sustainability, and about what are the problems that we are going to face in the future due to climate change.

Through lunch lectures, workshops and excursions we will provide the engineers, architects and designers of tomorrow key point of view given by experts in the field, and practical tools about how to live in a more sustainable way.