Saraf Nawar - Chair

Hey everyone! I am Saraf Nawar, a Bangladeshi, Applied Earth Science (Geo-Sciences) student at the Faculty of CEG and the Chair of GreenTU Board 2020/2021. Besides my unparalleled love for rocks and mountains, I like to call myself a sustainability enthusiastic- which is why you might find me present in any and every green event on campus. I have been involved with sustainability and student initiatives in the TU Delft for last 2 years- starting with the committee in S4S and board of TU Delft Energy Club, to my stepping into GreenTU as a research committee member and climbing upto the being the Chair of GreenTeam CEG since last board year. I have always aspired to integrate sustainability as much as possible to the student life and education. Last year I have worked in close congregation with GreenTU to document sustainability in campus in the research portfolio.

There are several amazing initiatives within the TU Delft and a lot of work is being done in the university to become carbon neutral by 2030. My role as a chair will be to be a bridge between these initiatives, collaborate and coordinate the university nationally and internationally to take inspiration, share knowledge and go one step forward towards the goal of sustainable institution. I have also taken up the finance portfolio to ensure a sound distribution of investments into worthwhile measures of sustainability for the coming year.

When I am not working or studying, I like to spend time talking to people because empathy (and the ability to smile through everything) are my super powers. If you have a nice idea, or want to share your story and /or know more about what is going on around, feel free to reach out to me ( and we can TOGETHER work towards a green university and a green nation. Sustainability is a mindset, so let’s work towards nourishing it within ourselves and around.

Thomas Arblaster - Secretary

Hi, I’m Thomas, an Aerospace Engineering master student. This year, I’m GreenTU’s secretary. That means that I take care of the minutes and the mailbox and such. If you have any questions or ideas for us, I’ll be overjoyed to see your email coming in. The yearly sustainability report is also my responsibility, which collects all the sustainability-related initiatives at our beautiful university and all the progress that was made since the previous report. Finally, I’m also working on our education efforts and our new multi-purpose office space, The Hive. Besides GreenTU, I’m also part of the GreenTeam at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering. The team is working on all kinds of projects, ranging from how we travel to conferences to how we can incorporate the problem of sustainability into how engineering statics is taught. I’m rather pleased with the faculty’s efforts concerning sustainability and all the student participation we have.

I spend most of the little free time I have listening to podcasts and soft angry music. Especially angry music that’s hopeful has energy I like. Over the past year or so (since I moved to a bigger room), my plant collection has been expanding at a steady pace. Plants that produce something for you are my favourite; I have five pineapple plants right now, all propagated from the same plant. In a few years, that’ll be five free pineapples. That seems pretty great, doesn’t it? Anyway, now you know me a little bit better. Enjoy the rest of your website experience.

Jessy van Eesteren - Operations Coordinator

Hi everyone!   My name is Jessy van Eesteren and for the coming year I will be the Operations Coordinator for the GreenTU. Currently I am in the process of finishing my bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering and in February I will start the master Sustainable Energy Technologies. I have always had a interest in sustainability which led to my joining the TU Delft Solar Boat team in 2016.  I am now happy to be able  to direct my energy and knowledge into changing  the TU Campus into a more sustainable place.

In my role as the Operations Coordinator I will be working together with employees of the TU Delft to manage sustainability’s issues on a central level. Last year some successful pilots such as the no-meat week and the separating waste pilot have been started and we have the intention to expand these projects. We will also start focussing on the energy transition within the TU Delft and we hope to start a mobility pilot. There are quite a few other new sustainable initiatives started by the TU Delft and we want to expand and improve these initiatives. The GreenTU finds it very important that students know these initiatives exist, and it is our goal to include as many students as possible in our drive to make the TU even more sustainable.  

If you have any ideas about how the TU Campus can become a more sustainable place, please contact GreenTU so we can help each other to realize these ideas.

Wouter Maas - GreenTeams Coordinator

Hi! My name is Wouter I am a Computer Science and Philosophy student and I will be the GreenTeam Coordinator in this year’s board. Additionally, together with Thomas, I’m busy working on the education portfolio.

GreenTeams are still very new on campus and I had the good fortune to join the first GreenTeam of EEMCS last year. At EEMCS we wrote an inventory report regarding the state of sustainability and I focused on the realities and possibilities within education. Throughout the research process, I became passionate for the idea of horizontally integrating sustainability within TU Delft’s education, meaning adding and mentioning it where relevant throughout the educational programs, rather than having one dedicated course on sustainability. To achieve such integration we need to have a bottom-up approach supported from the top: teaching staff and students working together with the GreenTeams to see how sustainable education could best be achieved at their faculty, with the Student Council, Executive Board and GreenTU supporting where possible.

I am excited to work towards this goal this year as well as further integrating the GreenTeams within the faculties. If you want to join a GreenTeam or join with any else that sounds exciting to you email us at and see where you can help!

Tamar Henquet - Outreach Coordinator

Hi everyone! My name is Tamar and I will be this year's Outreach Coordinator. I am currently doing my masters in Architecture and I like a hands-on approach to sustainability within my own life and now also within GreenTU!

Before coming to Delft, I was part of VIRTUe, a TU/e student team that participates in Solar Decathlons - international competitions on innovation and sustainability in the Built Environment. Focusing on PR and communications within that team, I enjoyed setting up collaborations and showing the work behind the scenes.

In my new position as Outreach Coordinator, I will be responsible for consulting, supporting and connecting the students, faculties and board members at TU Delft. I will be closely working together with the many study and student associations, and guide them in taking steps towards a more sustainable future for their association. Moreover, I am excited to also be working on The Hive, our very own sustainability hub!

So, if you have any sustainable ideas or ambitions for your association/study/group of friends, don't hesitate to email me!

Noa Buijsman - Events & Communications Coordinator

Hey reader! This is Noa Buijsman and I am thrilled to announce that I will be in charge of Communication and Events for year ‘20/‘21. I myself am an student in Industrial Design Engineering and I will complete my bachelors the coming year. My interest for sustainability was sparked at the start of my studies since I started to feel very aware of my footprint and all the waste I contributed as a consumer and human being. Why, for all this time, did we consider the make-take-waste system as a logical way of consumerism? Well, I’m here to hopefully change this way of thinking amongst students!

As Communication & Events coordinator, this year I want brand GreenTU in such a way that it becomes a central “hub”. Hopefully, by doing this, every student, professor or organization can feel they can join in on the green movement in a way that suits them best. Furthermore, I plan on raising awareness on campus by making people aware of their footprint and organizing events (together with other student-organizations) which inspire them to make the change in their own lives. Lastly, on our social media, I will showcase the work we do behind the scenes on research and education.

Follow our socials (Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn) for more updates and information on the coming year!