GreenTU Committees


The main goal of this committee managed by Events & Communication Coordinator is to reach out to the students and staff of TU Delft, with the intention of raising awareness and promoting sustainable behavior. The committee is striving to achieve these goals through various activities and events, communicating information and

insights though offline and online promotion platforms. This year’s main objectives are to raise awareness about the ongoing operational projects for Food and Waste and the establishment of collaborations with student-led initiatives .


Every day we have to make choices. But what are the most sustainable ones? Is it indeed better to take the train than to fly for long distances? And is bringing your own mug really the better choice? This year the committee will focus on finding out what these choices mean for our daily lives, how we can take steps towards a more sustainable future and translate that information into infographics to share with students.


Together with Operations Coordinator, this year the Projects Committee will focus on the transition towards a more sustainable catering in collaboration with CIRfood, and will try to find solutions for the mobility issues TUDelft is facing, on campus and beyond.  Moreover, it will follow with enthusiasm the operational steps towards a better waste management on Campus.