One of the key objectives of the Green Office is to strengthen community building between scientific staff, support staff and students. Communities exist around the approximately 20 student initiatives for sustainable development for which the Green Office provides an extra interface. Green Office events and sessions give additional support, and for 2017 three major projects with community building potential are emphasized around the food theme.

Food sharing community

Roughly one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year — approximately 1.3 billion tonnes — gets lost or wasted. Every day this food is thrown away for a variety of reasons, particularly because of surplus or best before/expiration dates, while it is in many cases still perfectly fit for consumption. The Green Office supports the establishment of a food sharing community, which is already well established and functioning in many cities throughout Germany.

Join the food sharing community in Delft!

Student farm Seeds

In today’s society the link between the origins of food and the user is lacking more and more. To raise awareness and to give students and staff the opportunity to establish this connection again, a first on-campus student farm will appear late 2016, organized by the student team Seeds: dedicated students that envision a sustainable future of agriculture. They want to introduce the principles of permaculture while combining it with recent high-tech innovations in the world of farming.

Find them on Facebook and join this movement.

Food on campus

The TU Delft is reorganising food and beverage on the campus with a new formula that more explicitly addresses the variety of cultural backgrounds of our students and staff. Restaurants and food and beverage corners around the campus get their own character aiming at different client groups, and the units will be run by different entrepreneurs.

In 2017 this new catering system will be campus-wide available, and in parallel a student group will be formed by the Green Office. This group will come with proposals to increase the sustainability of food supply, reduce waste and more in collaboration with the entrepreneurs and the Facility Management department. 50 Students from the course Sustainable Design Strategies are already working on sustainable tableware and cutlery.