A large number of courses and lectures have a direct or indirect connection to sustainable development. An overview of the over 120 courses on (sustainable) energy can for example be found here. And an overview of courses available from the collaborating Leiden, Delft and Erasmus (Rotterdam) universities on circular economy and resource efficiency is available here.

Some examples of course elements that are relevant for global development are:

In addition to the regular university education, the TU Delft has a front-running position in public accessible education over the Internet with Massive Open On-line Courses (MOOCs). In 2015, 25 TUD MOOC courses were available, and 4 under development, with 750.000 subscriptions worldwide.  Each course runs at least yearly. 12 of these have a strong relation to sustainable development on themes like energy, drinking and waste water, geosciences and ethics. The MOOCs are free and a great opportunity to exchange ideas and knowledge with people from all over the world, they can be found through the edX platform.

All of our 8 faculties offer opportunities for BSc and MSc projects on sustainability themes. Items can be found in our complete BSc and MSc courses overviews.

The Green Office launches projects on sustainability themes, that can often be part of a bachelor course or an MSc project. Contact us for opportunities or ideas.