Tackling the energy transition with the brand new Electrical Sustainable Power lab

Nieuws - 24 juni 2021 - DCE&S

The energy transition is the biggest societal challenge of this century. To achieve the climate targets, the Netherlands needs to generate much more solar and wind energy. But is our electricity grid even ready for this? Unfortunately not. To tackle this challenge, TU Delft has recently built a brand new lab, the Electrical Sustainable Power Lab (ESP Lab). The ESP Lab has the extensive research infrastructure and knowledge needed to shape the transition to a sustainable, dynamic and above all future-proof electricity supply. It concentrates on three lines of research - Photovoltaics, Power Electronics and Digital Technologies – so that it can innovate throughout the energy chain. Its energy chain innovations revolve around energy generation, conversion, transport, distribution, storage and green energy consumption. The ESP Lab incorporates innovative hardware, smart algorithms and everything in between in its efforts to shape the energy transition. Miro Zeman,  Peter Palensky, Pavol Bauer and Olindo Isabella share their insights on this fascinating brand new lab and the research that is being done.

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