Thesis award for exploration of 3D functionalities

Nieuws - 21 november 2019 - Communication BK

Geo-information Netherlands awards an annual thesis award to a graduate who has made an especially memorable contribution to the field of geography. BK alumna Inge van den Meiracker received the GIN-NCG Thesis award for her graduation project ‘Exploring 3D functionalities: A research into software that support the spatial analysis and visualisation of 3D surface data’.

For her research, Inge modelled and visualised soil data and geographical data. “Geologists, hydrologists, engineers, and project managers have to be able to interpret soil data. For many, soil and subsurface terrain are ‘vague’, because you cannot directly perceive this layer. A 3D model helps to improve the interpretation of spatial data, making better communication possible,” explains Inge. She received the award during the GIN-Gala 2019 for geo-professionals.

Inge completed her graduation project within the MSc Geographical Information Management and Applications (GIMA), a collaboration between Utrecht University, TU Delft, Wageningen University & Research, and University of Twente. Learn more about the programme here.

Inge van den Meiracker (middle) with the GIN-NCG Thesis award. Image by GIN