Visions for Amsterdam in 2050

Nieuws - 20 juni 2019 - Communication BK

How will growth and rapid changes affect Amsterdam on the time horizon of 2050? Graduate students, researchers and teachers from Architecture teamed up with AMS Institute and the municipality of Amsterdam to explore what possible future scenarios look like and how innovations can be introduced. The open access book ‘Amsterdam 2050’ with the results is now available on BK Books.

Amsterdam is used as a living laboratory in the research. The focus of the research lies with ‘growth’ and rapid ‘changes’ – growth of numbers of inhabitants and tourists, and change of energy, mobility, health and leisure concepts. More than 80 graduate students and 6 tutors from the Chair of Complex Projects, with input from researchers and invited critics, worked on nine case studies on different locations in Amsterdam. Through a research-through-design process, present urban conditions of Amsterdam were documented and analysed. Various trends directing future urban development were investigated. The combined results culminated into design solutions and visualisations of the predicted development on the nine selected locations. 

The open access publication is edited by Kees Kaan, Ivana Stancic, Manuela Triggianese, Hrvoje Smidihen, Jelmer van Zalingen, and Alexis Keng Yee Oh and is available here on BK Books. The book was officially presented during the We Make the City festival in Amsterdam on 19 June 2019.