Ellen van Andel

Ellen van Andel is lecturer and trainer in Sustainable Entrepreneurship, with a focus on Agriculture/Food and Education in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs). She teaches, trains and coaches different types of learners in technology-based entrepreneurship with a participatory approach. Through her work she obtained a wealth of experience in LMICs such as Ghana, Rwanda, Uganda, South-Africa, Tanzania, Nigeria and India. In these interactive sessions, various methods from design thinking, system thinking and visual thinking are utilized for developing, testing and implementing sustainable business cases. Workshop methods are both offline and online. To enable this, Ellen also co-creates (online) course materials for technology-based entrepreneurship education. Ellen holds a BSc in Sociology and an MSc in Health Economics.

Ellen is involved in the following education programs:

  • Minor International Entrepreneurship (coordination + teaching + coaching)
  • Masterclass for the minor ‘Designing for Sustainability Transitions’
  • Course Waterworks in Practice (for the minor ‘Delta Denker, Water voor Later)
  • Startup coaching
  • MOOC Entrepreneurship for Global Challenges in Emerging Markets

Ellen is involved in the following international projects: