Pieter Vandekerckhove

Pieter Vandekerckhove is Assistant Professor Healthcare Entrepreneurship (tenure track) at Delft Centre of Entrepreneurship. He is finishing his PhD at Erasmus University Rotterdam, Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management.  His research and education have focused on the development of a co-design methodology for digital health at an early stage. He developed a stakeholder selection method to involve various different stakeholders as patients, care professionals, managers, technical people, fundamental researchers and designers. This way he aims to develop a scientifically robust method  to  effectively  co-design  digital health. Pieter has published in scientific Journals. He has reviewed papers for JMIR and BMJ Open.

Pieter is involved in a flagship project called iCell in the health and technology convergence programe of TU Delft, Erasmus MC and Erasmus University Rotterdam. iCell aims to develop new technologies based on insights from fundamental biology and genetic research to improve cancer care. He is also involved in a NWO granted research project called My Smart Family Buddy to improve health of imporished families in Rotterdam. 

Pieter's main interest lies in improving cancer care, recently he published a book based on his experience with cancer as an adolescent “The Self Hologram: Awakening a philosophy of life”. His mission is to improve cancer care from a patient perspective so that one has to go through the same experience as he did and live a fulfilling life during and after a cancer diagnosis.

Expertise :

  • Early development of digital health
  • Involvement and management of multiple stakeholders in a co-design process
  • Patient centered healthcare