Experience Entrepreneurship

What is it about?

Entrepreneurship has many facets, some of which deserve more attention. The course allows you to investigate a particular facet of entrepreneurship. A number of topics are provided by a faculty member, a company representative or by you as a student, among which you can choose to further investigate it. You will analyse the practical issues related to the  topic and reflect on it using theoretical frameworks or concepts to learn from it.

To whom is it addressed?

If you want to know more about certain practices of entrepreneurship, for instance what drives entrepreneurs to start their company or how do they develop business model, then this course allows you to experience entrepreneurship in the broadest sense. In cooperation with a hosting company or a TU coach you will investigate a topic and learn the practical essentials of entrepreneurship. 

How does it connect ?

The course is an elective course that can be taken as part of the Annotation Entrepreneurship or any other MSc program.

What is the outcome?

In the course you will work on a case study and write a report on the main findings and reflect on the learnings

Course codes/ size
TPM425A  – 3 ECTS

Dr. Victor Scholten
Ellen van Andel


Victor Scholten

Module manager