Idea to Startup – IT & AI


In this course, you do not study entrepreneurship, you become an entrepreneur. Working in a team, you identify a business opportunity using computer sciences. Applications can range from mobility, cyber security to predictive maintenance etc. You will test its validity, and build a viable business model – a roadmap from an idea to a sustainable innovation-driven company. On this journey, you will be helped by guest lecturers from industry and the startup ecosystem. After this course, you will be able to proactively assess the merit of a technology startup, whether you want to build one or join one.

You will focus on information and computing technologies (e.g AI, big data, blockchain) that are transforming traditional industries and societies at large.

To analyse the opportunities for new startups we focus on entrepreneurial tools such as the opportunity canvas; value proposition development and customer empathy mapping, market segmentation and value chain analyses and the initial operations to develop a minimum viable product.

What to expect?

Fast-paced and interactive, the class consists of mostly coaching sessions and team exercises, therefore class attendance is very important. Online content and short in-class lectures provide you with general guidelines for each business model milestone. Schedule permitting, guest practitioners will join to offer advice. There will be weekly assignments, building blocks to a full-fledged business model. Final deliverables include: a logbook of primary market research (yes, you’ll do interviews!), concise business model report, and a pitch presentation in front of a jury of startup professionals.
You start the course with forming teams around a market problem or unmet need. Then, you gradually build a business model, mainly by answering questions such as: Who are my customers and what value do I create for them? How big is this market? How should my minimum viable product look like? How do I build a competitive advantage in the market (e.g. by patenting)? How will I market and deliver this product to the customer? Will this be a profitable business? You seek answers through customer, stakeholder, and expert interviews, by developing step-by-step interview protocols and executing them.

Enrollment Requirements

This is a free elective course open to all master students. Please enroll through Brightspace. E-mail the instructor if you have any further questions.

Course code/ Size
TPM411 / 5 ECTS

Starts 1 and 3

Day (Class Hours)

Dr. Tom Dolkens
Dr. Victor Scholten