TPM Energy Transition Lab Master Thesis Circle:

The TPM Energy Transition Lab offers positions in its Master Thesis Circle to give students from different master programs (Engineering and Policy Analysis, Complex Systems Engineering and Management, Management of Technology, and Industrial Ecology) the opportunity to participate in and contribute to the several research projects of TPM Energy Transition Lab. 

Be on the forefront of energy transition research

We invite ambitious, creative students with excellent research skills - and who are enthusiastic about working with other students on interdisciplinary energy research! -  to take a look at our research projects and apply. Individual projects and assignments for the Master Thesis Circle will be published here when available.

Themes and supervision

The thesis circle is limited to five students and explicitly linked to TPM Energy Transition Lab’s research themes: “Capturing behavior in the energy transition" (main supervisor: Gerdien de Vries), “Design of the energy transition” (main supervisor Emile Chappin), and: “Policy innovation in the energy transition” (currently closed, main supervisor: Nihit Goyal). Energy researchers from all departments of TPM will be involved in supervision, depending on the expertise needed for specific research projects. Any thesis research project in the circle is expected to be on the forefront of energy transition research, contribute to the understanding of the energy transition. 

To be involved

There are two ways to be part of the thesis circle. First, there are a limited number of available projects (listed below for current projects). Follow the respective links and reach out to the contact person mentioned. Secondly, we are open to your creative ideas that fit well to the lab. For applying with your own idea, we ask you to develop a short, crisp, one-page proposal with the problem statement, knowledge gap, research question and sub questions, method or approach, and expected results. From your short proposal it should be clear why and how it links to the lab’s themes and why this is on the forefront of energy transition research. All research proposals are discussed by the Lab’s management team and a selection is made on the quality of proposals and the available positions in the lab. You can send your application to our email address:

Current master thesis students

Former master thesis students

Esther Bliek

MSc programme: Industrial Ecology

Thesis: Greening up my sports club

Mihail Deligrozev

MSc program: Engineering and Policy Analysis (EPA)

Thesis: Understanding forest biomass energy policy mix impact on energy poverty

Laszlo Vreedenburgh

MSc programme: Engineering and Policy Analysis

Thesis: Lights in the Night

Eva van Hilten

MSc programme: Engineering & Policy Analysis

Thesis: Why corporates join the Science Based Targets initiative

Luuk van Breugel

MSc programme: Management of Technology

Thesis: Consensus in technology selection for small modular reactors