Think Tank: “Reactive or proactive, but always productive"

Recently, the TPM Energy Transition Lab has established a ThinkTank to respond both reactively and proactively to issues related to socio-technical aspects of the energy transition. The goal is to productively share the vast amount of state-of-the-art knowledge that TU Delft researchers have about this topic. We aim to do this with a core team of researchers who all have access to a trusted – and easily accessible - network outside the university. The think tank is flexible and can respond rapidly to a broad range of questions about issues that vary from policy-making, regulation, and system integration to geo-engineering, participatory trajects, and behavioural economics. The think tank will also proactively publish op-ed articles, commentaries, columns, blogs, and vlogs.

 At this moment, the members of the ThinkTank are (in alphabetical order):

Kornelis Blok

Transition to Sustainable Energy For All

Emile Chappin

Energy Systems, Energy Policy, Investment & Social Simulation

Aad Correljé

Economic and Institutional Approach Analysis of Public Policy, Regulation and Private Strategy in Infrastructure-Bound Sectors

Aaron Yi Ding

Sustainable Computing in Cyber-Physical Infrastructures

Nihit Goyal

Organization & Governance

Thomas Hoppe

Climate Policy, Governance, Social Innovation, Community Energy & Regional Energy Transition.

Linda Kamp

Sustainable Energy Technologies, Innovation Systems, Business Strategies, Developing Countries & Energy Transition

Jenny Lieu

Energy and Climate Policy, Gender, Landuse Change Negative Emissions

Stefan Pfenninger

Energy systems, Wind power, solar power, energy system modelling

Niek Mouter

Appraisal of Infrastructure Projects

BinBin Pearce

Energy citizenship, Policy (co-)design for sustainable development, Transdisciplinary research and learning methods 

Udo Pesch

Democratization of Energy Infrastructures & the Role of the Public in the Energy Transition

Andrea Ramirez

Ex-ante technology assessment, industrial decarbonization, transition of industrial clusters

Geeske Scholz

Behnam Taebi

Ethics of Energy & Climate Technologies

Gerdien de Vries

Psychology & Behavioural Insights

Laurens de Vries

Energy System Economics & Regulation