TPM Energy Transition Lab PhD club

We are an international group of PhD candidates working on energy transition research topics. We are mainly based in the Technology Policy and Management Faculty at TU Delft. A clear distinction of our approaches is the combination of engineering and social sciences. Some of our projects focus on: energy justice, values change, market designs and policy regulations, framing and social acceptance, public responses to renewables, energy communities, and imaginaries in governance. During our regular meetings we share our questions, experiences, papers, presentations, etc. We came together support each other throughout our PhD journeys and share our research findings with the broader community.

Around 30 PhD candidates have joined our group but the most active members are:

If you would like to join our group please, contact Amanda.

Below you can find the pitches of some of the members.

PhD pitches

ETL PhD Group

Helena Schmidt

Joost Alleblas

Amanda Martínez Reyes

Jerico Bakhuis

Nynke van Uffelen

Jannis Langer

Mylene van der Koogh

Jose Ignacio Hernández