Proficiency course

Whether you feel unsure about your English skills or you just want to brush up on your English knowledge because it has been a while since you last studied it, these Proficiency courses are for you. Each course consists of 7 meetings of 2,5 hours each and we get together once a week in a small group of around 8-12 participants.

In order to maximize your learning you will be asked to prepare before each lesson. You should expect to spend between 2-4 hours on this each week. During the lesson we will do exercises to practise the language introduced in these preparation assignments.

Course aspects that will be covered include a review of key English grammar points and vocabulary extension while discussing a variety of subjects in English. The two courses (Proficiency A and Proficiency B) are taught at the same level but deal with different language points. You can take just one course or both courses (in any order). For more information regarding the content of each course please contact the course coordinator. As the groups are generally quite small, the course can be adapted to the needs and requests of the participants. 

The course is intended for participants who are at a C1- level of English or higher. The goal of the course is to help you feel more confident about your English language skills.