Simeon Calvert

Simeon Calvert is a research fellow at the Department of Transport & Planning, Delft University of Technology, specialised in traffic flow impacts, traffic management, (C-)ITS, and automated and cooperative driving. After completing his MSc in Transport & Planning in Delft, he worked for a short time as a research assistant at the university, and in 2010 joined the research institute TNO as a research scientist. He completed his PhD research in part-time at the Delft University of Technology, while continuing to work at TNO. This research focused on the analysis and modelling of stochasticity in traffic flow to improve evaluation and implementation of traffic management on high level roads. He left TNO in 2016 and joined the Delft integrated Traffic and Travel Lab (DiTTlab) at the TU Delft. He currently acts as coordinator of the DiTTlab and performs research focused on the traffic flow effects of new technologies on roads, mainly related to vehicle automation.

He maintains a broad interest in a vast number of traffic flow related topics and has a particular interest in traffic management and the analysis of traffic flow, as well as the impact of automated and cooperative driving.

Within the project, he will be responsible for the estimation of (traffic flow) impacts related to meaningful human control.