Flexible learning paths in Responsible Innovation

The project ‘From campus students to professional learners: Flexible learning paths in Responsible Innovation' was one of the projects funded in 2015 by the Ministry of OC&W in order to promote online education.

Until April 2017 this project developed multipurpose online content and create flexible learning paths in Responsible Innovation (RI) for different target groups:

  • Our on-campus engineering students (including minors)
  • Professionals (engineers/designers/architects and decision makers/executives).

Flexibility means: content, didactics, and assessment/recognition. These will be geared towards the specific needs of the different target groups. 

Responsible Innovation

RI is a very topical subject and implies a different mind-set on the part of engineers: one of societal engagement and social responsibility. Engineers need professional competences and abilities to improve societal outcomes and to develop appropriate innovative solutions which accommodate core values such as sustainability, privacy, safety and security.


Below an overview of some of the results:

MOOC Responsible Innovation: Ethics, Safety and Technology

Course video

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