Fees and funding


TU Delft considers the supervision of doctoral candidates to be of paramount importance. With the founding of the Graduate School, the TU Delft offers doctoral candidates an excellent learning environment, inspiring supervision, and a highly valued Doctoral Education programme. TU Delft attaches great value to the high-quality supervision of its doctoral programmes, both in terms of content and the services provided. As of 1 January 2016 TU Delft requires a contribution to cover the costs for the support of the doctoral programmes. These costs are split in a tuition fee and a bench fee. 

  • The tuition fee is a contribution to the cost of supporting, supervising and training a doctoral candidate. 
  • The tuition fee also covers costs of travel and accommodation for one of more conferences in which PhD candidate give a paper presentation to an international audience (after approval by promotor). 
  • The bench fee is a contribution to the costs incurred in the provision of workspaces and laboratories. 
  • The tuition fee is 11.000 euros once only. 
  • The bench fee is 10.000 euros per year.
  • The fee is charged to the institution that is funding the doctoral candidate.  

External funding

It is also possible to pursue a PhD with other sources of funding, such as company sponsorship or an academic scholarship. In these cases, you can contact the professors in whose research field your work will best fit.

Costs of living

If you plan to attain your PhD at the faculty of TPM as a PhD candidate with a scholarship, we expect your scholarship to cover living costs in the Netherlands as well as our Graduate School’s tuition fee and bench fee. Living costs are estimated at a minimum of € 1.250,- per month for a single person and € 1.750,- per month for a couple or family (or: 48 x € 1.250,- = € 60.000,- /48 x € 1.750,- = € 84.000,- for the entire course of your PhD-trajectory)

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