Research portfolio

TPM: Comprehensive engineering

Faculty Mission

To develop robust models and designs in order to solve the complex challenges of today’s networked, urbanized knowledge society by integrating engineering with social sciences.

Research themes and application domains

TPM’s research focusses on three strongly interrelated themes:

  • Engineering Systems
  • Governance (of these systems)
  • Values (embedded in the design of these systems)

The importance of these 3 overarching research themes is reflected in the 4 domains, in which the majority of TPM’s actual research projects can be clustered:

  • Energy, Resources and Distributed Infrastructures
  • Mobility, Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chains
  • Water, Climate and Urbanising Delta’s
  • Cybersecurity, Innovations and (consequences of) Emerging Technologies in Cyberspace


The faculty is comprised of three departments that co-operate on the overarching themes of Systems, Governance and Values, and the application domains. Each department by nature has a stronger focus on one of the three themes.