Indonesia Regional Energy Transition TU Delft

Dutch Principal Investigator: Prof. K. Blok, Delft University of Technology
Co-applicants: Jaco Quist, Olivier Hoes
Planned period: 1 October 2020 – 1 October 2023

Overall aim: 
This research project aims to develop a strategic green energy implementation plan (i.e. wood biomass and small-hydro) for Bali and Kalimantan which ensures regional economic growth for both regions and minimizes carbon emissions and that will be endorsed by a broad group of stakeholders

Regional Development Planning and Ideal Lifestyle of Future Indonesia

By Utilizing Advance Green Energy Technology and Trans/Inter-disciplinary Approaches

Energy is important in supporting economic development. Thus, a reliable, sustainable energy supply must be considered. Indonesian energy policy requires 25 per cent of electricity to be obtained from new renewable energy. Bali, Indonesia’s gateway for tourism, and Kalimantan, the proposed location of Indonesia’s new capital, need a clean, reliable energy supply. Considering geodynamic, geographical, political, and sociocultural constraints in both regions, the study focuses on developing a strategic green energy implementation plan. This is done through co-creation with relevant actors. The implementation plan and pathway will reduce CO2 emissions and ensure regional economic development and resource trading beneficial to both regions.