My PhD research focused on open data infrastructures, supporting the use of open government data. I was excited to be among the first to study open data. At the beginning of my PhD I published in GIQ: a top 5 journal in the Information Sciences. During my PhD I wrote many articles. The importance of my research was emphasized by best paper awards (received even during my PhD). I have also given two keynote speeches already during my PhD. I obtained my PhD with distinction (only awarded to the top 5% of TU Delft PhD candidates) and was one of four award nominees for the most talented female PhD candidate at TU Delft (out of 101 candidates). During my PhD, I learned about the tremendous opportunities of open research data and took the lead in writing an H2020 project proposal about this topic. Of 94 proposals, four, including mine, were funded. The EUR 550,000 grant funded both my postdoc and a PhD position.

During my postdoc my topic focus slightly changed to open research data, I wrote my first single-author publication and I collaborated with partners from the H2020 VRE4EIC project and with colleagues and students. I was honoured by being ranked as one of the most influential open data researchers worldwide.* I have also been a recipient of the international Digital Governance Junior Scholar Award. I am the proud writer of over 50 open data publications (journal and conference papers, book chapters and books), including 11 ISI publications. My three most-cited papers have received 1171, 354 and 277 citations (August 2019). My research findings have been widely disseminated (e.g. through MOOCS) and have been used by the European Commission and the Dutch government. 

In my current position as Assistant Professor, I broadened my topic scope to various types of open data, including research, government, citizen and business data, from various domains, including energy and transport.

*Hossain, M. A., Dwivedi, Y. K., & Rana, N. P. (2016). State-of-the-art in open data research: Insights from existing literature and a research agenda. Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce, 26(1-2), 14-40.