Prof.Dr. T.C. (Tina) Comes


Tina Comes is Full Professor and Delft Technology Fellow on Designing Resilience. She is Full Professor Decision-Making and Digitalisation at Maastricht University, Full Professor ICT at the University of Agder, Norway, Senior Research Fellow at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative and Visiting Professor at Université Dauphine in Paris. Tina serves as Scientific Co-Director of the 4TU Center on Resilience Engineering.


My research focuses on the collaborative and informational aspects of resilient societies. Building on foundations in information systems and decision support for crisis and risk management, I investigate the role of information in urgent and ill-defined problems to design better sensemaking and decision support systems. To overcome the fragmentation bet­­ween operational and strategic realms, I design and develop mechanisms to select, analyse and present information such that it supports alignment and coordination at different hierarchical levels and geo-temporal scales. Areas of application include critical infrastructures, industrial vulnerability, supply chain risk management, and humanitarian logistics.

  • Comes, T., Wijngaards, N. & Van de Walle, B. (2015) Exploring the Future: Runtime Scenario Selection for Complex and Time-Bound Decisions. Technological Forecasting and Social Change. 107, 19-46.
  • Comes, T., & Van de Walle, B. (2014, May). Measuring disaster resilience: The impact of hurricane sandy on critical infrastructure systems. In ISCRAM.
  • Comes, T., Hiete, M., Wijngaards, N. & Schultmann, F. (2011): Decision Maps: A framework for multi-criteria decision support under severe uncertainty. Decision Support Systems, 52(1), 108-118.
  • Heckmann, I., Comes, T. & Nickel, S. (2015) A Critical Review on Supply Chain Risk – Definition, Measure and Modeling. Omega. 52, 119-132.
  • Van de Walle, B., Brugghemans, B. and Comes, T., (2016). Improving situation awareness in crisis response teams: An experimental analysis of enriched information and centralized coordination. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 95, 66-79.
  • Design of Participatory Systems (SEN9115)
  • CoSEM Research Challenges (SEN1311)
  • Complex Systems Engineering (SEN1121)

Coordinator of the EU H2020 Project iTRACK
Funded under BES-10-2105
iTRACK aims at developing technologies and policies to improve protection and efficiency of humanitarian missions. iTRACK is designed to be a cost effective open source system, supporting organisations where resources may be limited. We work with humanitarian practitioners such as the World Food Programme and iMMAP to develop pilots in the on-going conflict disasters in the Middle East.

PI on resilience in the EU H2020 Project COMRADES
COMRADES is creating an opensource, community resilience platform, designed by communities, for communities, to help them reconnect, respond to, and recover from crises.
In other words, COMRADES is researching how technologies can help communities to be more resistant to crisis situations and by providing a way to optimally share information enable them to proceed with needed help action in due time.

The BART project aims to improve resilience and social cohesion in cities by fostering participation and citizen engagement. This is particularly challenging in open and dynamic neighbourhoods, where there is little sense of belonging and social networks are weak. Within BART, we are developing approaches that use augmented narratives to support the creation and sharing of knowledge that helps to raise awareness and establish identities within a city. The project is currently in its third phase (2017/2018), and being piloted in two communities in the city of The Hague.

Scientific Co-Director of the 4TU Center for Resilience Engineering

Tina Comes

Full Professor

Engineering Systems and Services

Transport and Logistics

Sabrina Bisschop

Research interests:
Disaster Management
Decision Support
Humanitarian Logistics

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Dr. M. (Tina) Comes