Ir. G.H. (Gijs) van der Wielen, MBA


Personal profile

● Venturous ● Eager ● Innovative ● Energetic ● Broad minded●
● Good social skills ● Proactive ● Analytical ● Team player ●
● Decisive ● Technical ● Good communication skills

Business profile

● SaaS Leadership ● Healthcare ● Education ● Software ● CTO ●
● CEO ● Impact ● Open architectures ● Platform business ●
● PhD ● Assisting students ● Ecosystems of Platforms


Whereas open digital platforms drive innovation in many industries, platforms in primary healthcare are still mostly closed. Policymakers have been looking for ways to open up primary healthcare platforms to stimulate collaboration and innovation and do so even more, given the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Yet, there is more than one way of opening up platforms in primary healthcare, just as it is unclear how different ways of openness can lead to more innovation.

An open digital platform is expected to stimulate innovation, flexibility, and interoperability in information systems in first-line healthcare, but how this can be achieved is unclear.

The objective of my research is to understand how to develop an open ecosystem of platforms architecture to accelerate innovations in the 1st line HealthCare.


Keywords: innovation, data sharing, platform, ecosystem, architecture, openness, healthcare

Gijs van der Wielen

PhD candidate

Engineering Systems & Services

Information and Communication Technology