Ir. S.J.J. (Sem) Nouws


Sem Nouws is a PhD researcher in the Information and Communication Technology section. Before his PhD, Sem joined the Nationale Denktank where he worked on a policy proposal that focuses on the ethical aspects surrounding the collection of data from individual internet users. Sem holds a master degree Complex Systems Engineering and Management from the TU Delft and a bachelor degree in Law from the Erasmus University.


Sem’s research focuses on how to safeguard AI systems and organize sufficient democratic control throughout the development and lifetime of these systems. The main focus of the research is to understand how normative issues related to AI systems materialize and/or are resolved at a context-specific or situated level.

Sem Nouws

PhD candidate

Engineering Systems and Services

Information and Communication Technology

Research interests:
Data-driven control and decision-making
AI-ethics and governance
Public participation
Programmable Infrastructures