N.V.R. (Nicholas) Smeele, MSc


Nicholas Smeele is a PhD candidate at the TPM Faculty of Delft University of Technology and at the ESHPM Faculty of the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), where he is advised by Prof. Esther de Bekker-Grob (EUR) and Prof. Caspar Chorus (TU Delft).

Nicholas obtained his Master’s Degree in Data Science from the Erasmus University Rotterdam. During his masters, he researched and worked on algorithmic fairness to control and mitigate gender discriminations in deep artificial intelligence systems.


Nicholas Smeele’s PhD research focuses on integrating moral human choice behaviour into a method paradigm based on econometric and machine learning approaches. The AI-driven choice paradigm is aimed to improve policy advice information in healthcare and support allocating scarce health resources in a value-based way, aligned with human moral values when moral dilemmas are involved in decision-making mechanisms. This research is in close collaboration with TU Delft, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Erasmus Medical Centre.

Nicholas Smeele

PhD candidate

Engineering Systems and Services

Transport and Logistics

Research interests:
Machine learning
Choice and preference modelling
Moral decision making
Bounded rationality
(multi-)Agent systems
Mechanism design for social goods