R. (Ricardo) Matheus


Ricardo Matheus is a PhD Candidate at TU Delft. Currently works with Big and Open Linked Data being  part of OpenGovIntelligence Consortium funded by the Horizon 2020 (www.opengovintelligence.eu/). Former data analyst at Rio de Janeiro City Hall (2013-2015). Helped to improve some Big Data processes of the IBM Operation Center in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (http://goo.gl/biYnTx). Worked on "Opening the Cities: Open Government Data in Local Governments of Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay" – (http://goo.gl/s1vgCq).


Currently topics of studies are:

  • Big and Open Linked Data (BOLD)
  • Linked Open Statistical Data (LOSD)
  • Transparency
  • Anti-Corruption Online Systems
  • Public Online Participatory Processes 

Courses given on the past years:

  • Big Data Analytics on the Public Sector
  • Data Analysis with Spreadsheets and Statistics Methods for the Public Sector
  • Geographical Information Systems applied to Public Policy and Service Delivery
  • Big and Open Linked Data on Government
  • Transparency and Anti-Corruption Online Systems
  • Formulation, Implementation and Evaluation Processes on Public Sector
  • M Janssen, R Matheus, A Zuiderwijk. Big and Open Linked Data (BOLD) to Create Smart Cities and Citizens: Insights from Smart Energy and Mobility Cases - Electronic Government, 2015.
  • R. Matheus, M. Janssen. Transparency dimensions of big and open  linked data. ,in: M. Janssen, M. Mäntymäki, J. Hidders, B. Klievink, W. Lamersdorf, B. van Loenen, A. Zuiderwijk (Eds.), Open and Big Data Management and Innovation9373, Springer International Publishing (2015), pp. 236–246.
  • Matheus, R., Vaz, J.C. and Ribeiro, M.M. (2014). Open Government Data and the Data Usage for Improvement of Public Services in the Rio de Janeiro City. ICEGOV 2014. Guimarães: ACM Press, 338-341.
  • R Matheus, Ribeiro M M, Vaz J C. 2012. New perspectives for electronic government in Brazil: the adoption of open government data in national and subnational governments of Brazil. In Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance (ICEGOV '12), ACM, New York, NY, USA, 22-29. (DOI)
  • R. Matheus, M.M. Ribeiro, J.C. Vaz, C.A. de Souza. Anti-corruption online monitoring systems in Brazil. Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance, ICEGOV '12, ACM, New York, NY, USA (2012), pp. 419–425 (DOI)


OpenGovIntelligence has the objective of stimulate sustainable economic growth in Europe through fostering innovation in society and enterprises. Decision-making and allocation of limited resources enable data analytics and visualizations via the exploitation of Linked Open Statistical Data (LOSD). Towards this end, modernization of Public Administration with new processes, policies, and technologies should be achieved to enable the co-production of innovative data-driven public services.

Ricardo Matheus

PhD candidate

Engineering Systems and Services

Information and Communication Technology

Research interests:
Big Data Analytics
Open Government Data
Transparency and Anti-Corruption
Decision-Making on the Public Sector
Public Online Participatory Processes
Linked Open Statistical Data

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