T. (Thierry) Tartarin


Presently researcher of the Business Model research group of the school of Finance & International Business, I have worked at Saxion University of Applied Sciences for the past 14 years as lecturer with various coordination roles over the years. Before turning to the education world I was international trade fair organiser with events in various countries (Japan, Brazil, France, Turkey,…) for several industries (Food Technology, Recycling & Waste management, Water treatment, Poultry, Aquaculture,..).


Research lines of the Business Model group are in the main related to the Circular Economy, Digitalisation, Business Model innovation and tooling. We cover a range of areas including Smart Industry, IOT, Finance, Health and more. Recently I have developed with colleagues a new IOT methodology for SME’s. In the last two years we published some papers about Covid impact on business models.

I teach in a Minor Digital Business Models & Blockchain and working on curriculum development for a new Drone related minor. I still coordinate the Minor Tomorrow’s world India which I set up however students can’t yet travel there.

Have published a number of papers already but none worth mentioning for the purpose of my PhD research.

Currently involved with a European funded ENVISIONAlliances project (2022-2025). ENVISIONAlliances will serve primarily to develop a novel learning framework that ensures the bringing together of private enterprises with researchers and academics, through the organisation of several matchmaking and networking initiatives with a focus on encouraging mutual learning, collaboration and joint-venture creation that combines the theoretical expertise of the researchers with the practical knowledge and skills of the experienced entrepreneur. ENVISIONAlliances will also lead to the creation of a new higher education curriculum and course on Entrepreneurial Competence, that will deliver the insights and entrepreneurial skills developed through the project in line with the EntreComp Framework, to the next generation of researchers and business leaders, particularly in the fields of STEM with a focus on green and digital sectors.

Founder of Drone Fusion, international platform for drone researchers and schools innovating for a circular tomorrow. www.dronefusion.org

Thierry Tartarin

PhD candidate

Engineering Systems and Services

Information and Communication Technology


Research interests:
Drone research
Circular economy
Business Models