W. (Wiebke) Toussaint


Wiebke Toussaint is a PhD researcher in the ESS ICT section under the supervision of dr. Aaron Ding and promotion of Prof. dr. ir. Marijn Janssen. She is studying the trustworthiness of machine learning systems in Internet of Things applications to improve the reliability, safety, privacy and resilience of smart services. Wiebke completed her masters in Computer Science at the University of Cape Town (UCT) in South Africa. Before joining TBM she worked as a data scientist in the Energy Research Centre at UCT.

  • Toussaint, W. and Moodley, D. Using competency questions to select optimal clustering structures for residential energy consumption patterns. ICLR 2020 Workshop on Machine Learning in Real Life (2020).
  • Toussaint, Wiebke. The Domestic Electrical Load (DEL) Study Datasets for South Africa. doi:10.25375/uct.11774691.v1 (2020).
  • Toussaint, W. and Moodley, D. Comparison of Clustering Techniques for Residential Load Profiles in South Africa. Workshop Proceedings of the South African Forum for AI Research. CEUR-WS.org, online CEUR-WS.org/Vol-1//Vol-2540/FAIR2019_paper_55.pdf (2019).

Wiebke Toussaint

PhD candidate

Engineering Systems and Services

Information and Communication Technology

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