Research projects


Funding: CP & CSA project funding under the European Commission FP 7 Programme
Partners: National Technical University of Athens, IBM Isreal, Fraunhofer

The main goal of ENGAGE project was the development and use of a data infrastructure, incorporating distributed and diverse public sector information (PSI) resources, capable of supporting scientific collaboration and research, particularly for the Social Science and Humanities (SSH) scientific communities, while also empowering the deployment of open governmental data towards citizens. The ENGAGE e-infrastructure is envisaged to promote a highly synergetic approach to governance research, by providing the ground for experimentation to actors from both ICT and non-ICT related disciplines and scientific communities, as well as by ensuring that the scientific outcomes are made accessible to the citizens, so that they can monitor public service delivery and influence the decision making process.

Simply put, ENGAGE is a door for researchers that leads them to the world of Open Government Data. By using the ENGAGE platform, researchers and citizens will be able to submit, acquire, search and visualize diverse, distributed and derived Public sector datasets from all the countries of the European Union.
Contact: Marijn Janssen


Funding: Erasmus Mundus
Project website: 
Partners: Energy Delta Gas Research Program, Knowlegde for Climate program, TenneT TSO B.V.

The energy modelling laboratory of the TU Delft. EMLab is a node in a network of open source projects, initiated in the TU Delft. When our energy infrastructure is at stake, many efforts need to be combined in order to explore the directions in which our energy infrastructures may develop, and how we may steer the developments in desired directions. There is not a single way in which energy systems can nor should be analysed. EMLab represents a collection of approaches, tools and results that may enable new ways in which policy and design questions are addressed, and new ways in which scientific efforts are used in the energy policy process. EMLab is a platform for open source, multi-tool, multi-model, multi-level energy modelling.
Contact: Émile Chappin  

PowerWeb research programme

Funding: Multidisciplinary
Project website: 
Partners: Faculty of TPM, EEMCS, 3ME, CWI, European Commission, AMS

ESS is one of the partners in PowerWeb research programme that was initiated by the Faculty of EEMCS of the TU Delft. PowerWeb brings together all university-wide smart grid research efforts in order to provide rigorous scientific analysis, design and implementation methods, approaches, and tools for the study and improvement of future smart energy systems. 
Contact: Zofia Lukso


Funding: EU Framework 7
Project website: 
Partners: Partner overview 

FP7 CORE - Consistently Optimised REsilient ecosystem implementation, integrating interoperability, security, resilience and real-time optimisation. CORE will demonstrate how a powerful and innovative Consistently Optimised REsilient ecosystem implementation, integrating interoperability, security, resilience and real-time optimisation can produce cost effective, fast and robust solutions that will guarantee the efficient and secure transit of goods through the worldwide Global Supply Chain system. This is the successor of the FP7 Cassandra project.
Contact: Marijn Jansen

Other projects


Funding: Framework 7
Project website:
Partners: Partner overview 
Contact: Marijn Jansen


Funding: European Commission’s Seventh Framework
Project website: 
Partners: The TREsPASS consortium comprises the entire value chain, including academic researchers in the social and the technical sciences, researchers and practitioners from large multinational companies, and developers and practitioners from SMEs.
Contact: Marijn Jansen

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