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19 april 2023 09:00 t/m 21 april 2023 18:00

2023 Forum on Philosophy, Engineering & Technology (fPET2023)

2023 Forum on Philosophy, Engineering & Technology (fPET2023)

The fPET2023 conference at Delft University of Technology will bring together engineers and philosophers to address the challenges of engineering in a changing world. fPET 2023 will provide the opportunity to meet like-minded researchers and present and discuss research on the intersection of engineering and philosophy, addressing the broad theme of technology and engineering in a changing world.

15 maart 2023 10:00 t/m 11:30

Workshop Moments of Reading: {AI, Design, Democracy}

AI, design, and democracy are terms whose definitions seem ever-expanding. They refer to a wide variety of technical systems, methods, infrastructures, and social practices that are not always in dialogue with each other.

15 februari 2023 09:00 t/m 16 februari 2023 18:00

REAIM 2023

REAIM 2023

The REAIM 2023 summit will be a platform for all stakeholders (governments, industry, civil society, academia and think tanks) to forge a common understanding of the opportunities, dilemmas and vulnerabilities associated with military AI. The TU Delft Digital Ethics Centre is organising an Academic Forum at the summit, with a focus on value-based design requirements and meaningful human control.

08 december 2022 15:00 t/m 16:30

Intersectional Feminist Philosophy of Technology Series: Abeba Birhane on relational and decolonial ethics for AI

As an extension of TPM’s Intersectional Feminist Philosophy of Technology (IFPT) reading group, we will host a 3-part speaking series to bring the language, concepts and methods of intersectional studies of technology to TPM’s AI research. We adopt the definition of “intersectional feminism” described by Catherine D'Ignazio and Lauren Klein in Data Feminism: “[…] a feminism that is intersectional, meaning it looks at issues of social power related not just to gender, but also to race, class, ability, sexuality, immigrant status, and more. It does so, moreover, by looking to collectives as well as individuals, to structural issues as well as specific instances of injustice.”

25 november 2022 10:00 t/m 17:15

Design for Values in AI for Medicine and Healthcare

This workshop is an effort between the Delft Digital Ethics Center and the World Health Organization. The workshop’s core topic is designing and operationalizing values in AI systems for healthcare and medicine. We intend to cover a myriad of values, including moral values (e.g., responsibility and accountability), medical values (e.g., beneficence and non-maleficence, compassion), epistemic values (e.g., explainability and trust), and social values (e.g., equal access to health services and transparency).

23 november 2022 09:00 t/m 14:00

Workshop on Values and Value Assessment in AI

The Design for Values Institute and Digital Ethics Centre invite all to a workshop on Values and value assessment, taking place on Nov 23rd from 9 – 14 at Pulse Square (Landbergstraat 19, 2628 CE Delft).

03 november 2022 09:00 t/m 18:00

Collectives and AI systems: Agency and responsibility (workshop)

Collectives and AI systems: Agency and responsibility (workshop)

In this hybrid workshop, we explore the parallel between two cases of non-human agents that make an important difference to the world: collectives and AI systems. Are humans always responsible for the actions of these entities, or could these entities be held responsible themselves? Can these entities be intentional and moral agents?

06 oktober 2022 09:30 t/m 07 oktober 2022 20:30

ESDIT2022 Conference (Ethics of Socially Disruptive Technologies)

ESDIT2022 Conference (Ethics of Socially Disruptive Technologies)

The focus of ESDIT is on those new technologies that are disruptive & transformative of society: artificial intelligence, robotics, neurotechnology, synthetic biology, 3D printing, energy transition technologies, and others. The objective of the conference is to study and ethically assess the transformative consequences of these emerging technologies, of social institutions, the environment, human relations, personal identities, thought and language. There is a particular focus on challenges of disruptive technologies to key concepts and values, like “truth”, “agency”, “democracy”, “human nature” and “life”. This conference is organized by a consortium of 7 universities in the Netherlands. The Department of Values, Technology & Innovation, Section Ethics & Philosophy of Technology at TU Delft is one of these consortium partners.

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