Dr. Ir. R. (Rutger) van Bergem


Rutger van Bergem taught Micro and Law / Economics at George Mason University (GMU). While teaching at GMU, he finished his Ph.D. in Economics in 2016. His dissertation entitled “The Micro and Macro of Bad Bankruptcy” studies the Institutional efficiency of Chapter 11 Corporate Bankruptcy and its role in amplifying macro-economic fluctuations.

Before joining the TU-Delft, he worked at several startups, including a blended freelance university for developing world freelancers (CodersTrust), as well founding a Monetary and Governance Meta platform for E-Commerce in Africa (Catalaxy). 


Next to the Institutional Economics of Bankruptcy and its Macro consequences, his research now mainly focuses on the Economics of digital and physical Infrastructures. More specifically that includes the political economy of Large Infrastructure Project budget overruns, as well as the study and design of spatial planning mechanisms to optimize and digitize the governance of future cities including its infrastructure. 


  • Law and institutions (SEN 1151)
  • Institutional Economics for Designing in Socio-technical Systems (SEN1131)
  • Design Project (SEN1161)
  • Supervision of Masters’ projects
  • Economie van Infrastructuren (TB221a)
  • Micro- en markteconomie (TB122B)
  • Bachelor Eindproject (TB351C)

Rutger van Bergem

Assistant Professor

Values, Technology and Innovation

Economics of Technology and Innovation

Suzanne Kamp

Research interests:
Design for values