G.L.L. (Genserik) Reniers


Genserik Reniers was appointed as a Full Professor at the Delft University of Technology, at the Safety and Security Science Group, in 2013. He also is a Professor (in a part-time capacity) both at the University of Antwerp and at the Kuleuven (campus Brussels), both in Belgium, lecturing amongst others in chemistry, organic chemistry, and engineering risk analysis and risk management. He is also programme director of the post-graduate course Management of Safety, Health & Environment.

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Topics of research where I am currently involved in:

  • Domino effects (escalating accidents) in the process industry
  • Operational safety economics (cost/benefits and cost effectiveness analyses and other economic analyses for safety)
  • Performance management science (development of performance indicators)
  • Physical security in the chemical industry
  • Safety and security integration
  • Cluster thinking and cooperation in industrial parks
  • Hazmat transportation
  • Dynamic risk assessments
  • Harsh environments
  • Game theory in the chemical industry

Teaching assignments in different universities:

  • General chemistry
  • Organic chemistry
  • Engineering risk management and safety
  • Capita selecta in health and safety management
  • Risk analysis and risk management
  • Participation in MOSHE course (a.o. Process Safety)
  • Industrial processes
  • MOOC regarding Risk and Safety in Society
  • DomPrevPlanning©: user-friendly software for planning domino effects prevention. GLL Reniers, W Dullaert, Safety Science 45 (10), 1060-1081 (2007)
  •  An external domino effects investment approach to improve cross-plant safety wthin chemical clusters. G Reniers, Journal of hazardous materials 177 (1), 167-174 (2010)
  • Designing continuous safety improvement within chemical industrial areas. GLL Reniers, BJM Ale, W Dullaert, K Soudan, Safety Science 47 (5), 578-590 (2009)
  • Risk-based design of process plants with regard to domino effects and land use planning. N Khakzad, G Reniers, Journal of hazardous materials 299, 289-297 (2015)
  • Using graph theory to analyze the vulnerability of process plants in the context of cascading effects. N Khakzad, G Reniers, Reliability Engineering & System Safety 143, 63-73. (2015)
  • Preparing for major terrorist attacks against chemical clusters: Intelligently planning protection measures wrt domino effects. GLL Reniers, A Audenaert, Process Safety and Environmental Protection 92 (6), 583-589 (2014)
  • Risk-informed decision making of safety investments by using the disproportion factor. Talarico Luca, Reniers Genserik, Process safety and environmental protection, 100, 117-130 (2016)
  • A game-theoretical model to improve process plant protection from terrorist attacks. Zhang Laobing, Reniers Genserik, Risk analysis, 36:12, 2285-2297 (2016)

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Other scientific papers: see full CV

  • 2016: project promotor (2016-2017), Project – pre-study on bow-tie and management indicators for pallet jacks (by order of Procter & Gamble, private funding)
  •  2016: Project participant (2016-2017), Project studying the cross-border information exchange and cooperation between Belgium and the Netherlands (by order of OVV (Onderzoeksraad voor de Veiligheid), public funding)
  • 2016: Project participant (2016-2017), Project studying safety and security in industrial practice (together with RHDHV, and by order of Ministry of I&M, public funding)
  • 2015: Project leader (2015-2016), Project studying safety indicators for OCI-Geleen ammonia plants and transports (by order of OCI, private funding)
  • 2015: Project leader (2015-2016), Project to develop an optimization model for decision-making considering safety assessment in the Belgian railway industry (by order of Infrabel, private funding)

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Receiving Editor

  • Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries - Receiving Editor since 2012.
  • Journal of Integrated Security Science – Receiving Editor since 2016

Editor: Associate Editor

  • Safety Science - Associate Editor since 2011.

Editor: Guest Editor
Guest editor of the following Special Issues of high quality Thomson Impact Factor academic journals:

  • 2017: SI of JLPPI on ‘Risk Analysis in the Process Industries: State-of-the-art and the Future’
  • 2017: SI of RESS on ‘Quantitative security analysis of industrial facilities’
  • 2016: SI of Safety Science on ‘Harsh Environments’
  • 2016: SI of JLPPI on ‘The Seveso Disaster and its 40-year legacy to Process Safety’
  • 2016: SI of Safety Science on ‘Risk Analysis validation and trust in risk management’
  • 2015: SI of RESS on ‘domino effects in the process industries: advancing the state-of-the-art’
  • 2014: SI of JLPPI on ‘Process Safety Pioneers’
  • 2013: SI of JLPPI on ‘Process Safety and globalization’
  • 2013: SI of JLPPI on ‘Security in the process industries’
  • 2012: SI of JLPPI on ‘Happy 90th birthday, Trevor!’
  • 2009: SI of Disaster Advances on ‘Man-made disasters’
  • Meyer Thierry, Reniers Genserik.- Engineering risk management, 2nd ed., De Gruyter, 2016.
  • Reniers Genserik, Van Erp H.R. Noël.- Operational safety economics : a practical approach focused on the chemical and process industries - Wiley, 2016
  • Peter Blokland, Genserik Reniers.- Performance & Safety - NOVA, 2017.
  • Reniers, G., Cozzani, V. (Edit.) Dealing with Domino effects in the Process Industries - Elsevier, 2013.
  • Reniers, G., Pavlova, Y..- Using game-theory to improve safety within chemical industrial parks - Springer, 2013
  • Reniers Genserik, Zamparini Luca (Edit.).- Security aspects of uni- and multi-modal hazmat transportation systems, Wiley-VCH, 2012.
  • Reniers, G. L. L..-  Multi-Plant Safety and Security Management in the Chemical and Process Industries - Wiley-VCH, 2010. 

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Other Books: see full cv

  • Reniers Genserik.- The drivers of counter-terrorism,  - (2016.09.05)
  • Reniers Genserik.- Parijse aanslagen de voorbode van grootschalige terreur in Europa?; - (2015.11.14)
  • Reniers Genserik.- Zijn Parijse aanslagen voorbode van grootschalige terreur in Europa?; - (2015.11.15)
  • Reniers Genserik.- Zijn Parijse aanslagen voorbode van grootschalige terreur in Europa?; - (2015.11.14)
  • Reniers Genserik.- Chemische bedrijven nemen veiligheid niet serieus genoeg.- NRC Handelsblad, Woensdag 5 augustus 2015, p.16.
  • Reniers Genserik.- Chemical security, Horizon 2020 projects : portal - 5(2015), p. 58-59
  • Reniers Genserik.- Klassieke explosie die voorkomen kan worden, De Volkskrant - (2015.08.14), p. 7
  • Reniers Genserik.- Chemiesector : nog te veel eilandjes, BN De stem - (2014.06.05), p. 2
  • Reniers Genserik.- Europe's cluster thinking : professor Genserik Reniers coins 'cluster thinking' as an approach to build up competitive advantage and systemic safety and security for Europe's chemical industrial parks, Horizon 2020 projects : portal - 4(2014), 99

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Genserik Reniers is involved at the following conferences:

  • Seminar on the Chemical Weapons and Chemical Safety and Security Management for Member States in the Asia Region
    February 21-23, 2017; Qatar
    Keynote Speaker
  • Casceff meeting
    March 16, 2017
    International scientific committee
  • European Safety and Reliability Association (ESREL 2017)
    June 18-22, 2017; Slovenia
    Technical Committee in occupational safety\
  • Safe
    September 6-8, 2017
    Scientific committee
  • 16th International Symposium on Loss Prevention and Safety Promotion
    May 2019; Delft, The Netherlands 
    Organizer (together with Nima)
    Safety assessment in chemical and process industries 

Genserik Reniers

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Values, Technology and Innovation

Safety and Security Science

Astrid Pinzger-van Staalduinen

Research interests:
Responsible risk management

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