A. (Anna) Melnyk


Anna is a PhD candidate in the ERC Advanced Grant research project “Design for Changing Values” headed by Professor Ibo van de Poel. Prior to joining TU Delft in early 2019, she obtained MSc in Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society (University of Twente) specializing in technologies and values. During her graduation project she researched technomoral care in cyberwarfare with an emphasis on the relevance of human-centered values in the development of regulations for cyberspace.


The research line that Anna is working on with Dr. Amineh Ghorbani attempts to target potential implications of value change through institutional and technical design of energy systems. By looking at the interplay between values and energy transitions and extracting some insights about dynamics of social and moral values, Anna’s research aims at the development of design strategies that will better deal with the value change in energy sector.

Anna Melnyk

PhD Candidate

Values, Technology and Innovation

Ethics/Philosophy of Technology

Research interests:
Ethics of Risk
Moral philosophy
Assesment of emerging technologies
History of science and technology
Philosophy of war