Ir. P. (Peter) Anker

Peter Anker is a Senior Research Fellow. Peter is doing PhD research on spectrum management. There are two competing views on how to manage the spectrum: a model based on individual property rights and a model based on a commons regime. The hypothesis is that the best solution is a mixture of both models in order to cope with the specificities of different services that make use of radio spectrum. The question is in which cases which model should be used. Subquestions are: How these models should be shaped to make an overall regime that can cope with dynamic changes in market and technology? Which role can dynamic spectrum access play for different services in a mixture of both property rights and commons?

In 1988 Peter graduated in Electrical Engineering at the Technical University of Delft. He has been working in the field of telecommunications ever since. At the moment he is working as a senior policy advisor on frequency management at the ministry of Economic Affairs.

Peter wrote a book on Mobile Communications in 1995. An updated version of this book has been published in two parts in the Handboek Telematica in 1997.

Peter Anker

PhD Candidate

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