J.K. (Joost) Mollen, MSc


I’m a PhD candidate in the Philosophy/Ethics of Technology Section. I received my MSc. cum laude from the Media Technology program at Leiden University researching human-robot interaction in human-inhabited environments and a BA in Media Studies from the University of Amsterdam. I was a visiting student at the Faculty of Engineering Sciences at KU Leuven and the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Edinburgh. I have also worked as a freelance journalist and artist.


I work on the project 'Ethics in Policy by Design' - a collaboration between TU Delft and the Province of South-Holland which focusses on how the Province can address ethical challenges regarding the larger societal challenges it faces and how they can integrate these ethical insights into policy. Specifically, I am interested in the ethical guidelines and governance of living labs/field labs/sandboxes for digital innovation and the living lab as a potential for ethical experimentation.

Joost Mollen

PhD Candidate

Values, Technology and Innovation

Ethics/Philosophy of Technology

Research interests:
Design for values
Management of responsible innovation

Philosophy/Ethics of Technology
Living/Field Labs
Human-Robot Interaction
Ethics of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence