S. (Sara) Vermeulen


Sara is a PhD candidate within the section Ethics/Philosophy of Technology in the department of Values, Technology and Innovation, part of the TBM faculty at TU Delft. She works on the VIDI project ‘Responsibility arrangements in resilience policy for climate adaptation’, together with prof.dr.mr.ir. N.Doorn and dr. ir. Udo Pesch.

Over the past years, Sara has worked as a consultant, researcher, and lecturer in Science and Innovation Policy, Philosophy of Science and Bio-Ethics. Prior to joining TU Delft, she held a research and teaching position VU University Amsterdam, where she worked on developing a toolkit for responsible research and innovation, as part of the FP7 project RRI Tools. Furthermore, she worked as a university teacher in Bio-Ethics and Philosophy of Science at the University of Amsterdam and as a teacher in Bio-Ethics and Political Philosophy at the Utrecht University. 


Sara’s interdisciplinary research focus is aimed at the cross-section of ethics, environment, politics and technology, and more importantly about the question how responsibility arrangements change and get under pressure (due to climate change) in the current socio-technological landscape and the moral and political implications that may follow as a consequence.

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Sara Vermeulen M.A.

PhD Candidate

Values, Technology and Innovation

Ethics/Philosophy of Technology

Research interests:
Philosophy of Science and Technology
Water governance
Political philosophy